After long debate I have almost decided to get out of the Heli Hobby due to health and time constraints. I hate to see them just sitting.........I would like to know the reasonable value for the stuff I have as follows as a package deal.

1.) HK 450 V2 BNF with KV3680 Brushless, Exceed Proton Esc, GY48V gyro, MG90 cyclic servos, FS9257 Clone tail servo, Spectrum AR6100 receiver.....Above was purchased from a member here but has not been flown although it dose spool up.

2.) HK 450 Pro Belt dr tail version NIB never assembled purchased directly from HK about a year and a half ago, opened box and inspected parts then put back in box till I learned to Fly.....

3.) 2 turnigy 2200 (blue) 25c-35c Batteries 1 with connector installed and charged twice
1 still brand new in box purchased at same time as HK Pro450

4.) 1 HP DPS 600 PB power supply purchased off ebay about $40.00 if I remember correctly......It has been modded per details found here with switches and banana plugs

5.) Icharger 206B with Squid brand new used twice

6.) 2 sets Spare Main Blades HK yellow/Black fiberglass, 3 sets NIP tail blades Hk, Pitch Gage, Swash Levler, Ball link Pliers, 1.5mm Allen driver, All HK & Turnigy I believe

Also have DX6I that is bound with the HK 450 V2 and Phoenix sim but I believe I will keep them to fly at home at my PC.

I am thinking that I would like to recover some or most of the cash I invested in this stuff to use for other things, I know that I will never get out of it what I have into it.......

any advice would be most appreciated