hey all yup more HB probs but i think i got it now !!! i got it down to two thing ether the gyro or the main/tail motor ok as most you know lol my HB spins uncontrolably im just gunna buy a new century gyro for $60 from my hobby shop ( century sells em for $90 ?! )and new main and tail motor and im gunna quit flying with tail boom support un less i find a metal bracket cuz mine keep breaking off it could be my main an tail cause my first few times flying , on a table lol it fell off and landed inbetween 2 chairs and that might off messed up the motors cuz the rotors would nt stop spining though i was at min throttle and my gyros probably dead cuz it fell from about 10ft =( lol and has any one else noticed if you keep the throttle ( as i call it ,"the gas" ) at one position and u slam the stick down the mains will keep spining though there is no "gas" imput one more thing i noticed the tail support struts are the same diameter as the fly bar but a lil bit longer and has n e one flown with the support strut as a fly bar if u did let me know how/if it worked thanks and sorry about the long thread !