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the cone info

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Default the cone info

i have a rdf unit and making my own set up.heres the ? .i will be useing a cup for the cone,its tamered so does the small end gos where........less of of a hole or more of a hole i guess is the ?....thanks
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Default RE: the cone info

Rule of thumb says, thrust tube exit (small dia.) is equal to approx 85% fan FSA(Fan Sweep Area) Just measure the inside dia of fan shroud, and the outside dia of motor tube, plug the numbers into the calc and will give you the right dia for your "cup"

Keep in mind 85% is only the average, it all depends on the plane you have, the size of the fan. You may have to experiment a touch, but only a mm at atime. The bigger the exit, more thrust , less speed. Smaller exit more speed, less thrust. What size plane and weight is it? Also, what size fan 70mm-90mm? Other? Motor Kv and battery size will also make a difference.

If you plan on just slapping any old fan and motor in it, results may vary. All components need to compliment each other to get best performance.
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