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Jetfan20 03-16-2011 03:37 PM

RC Lander 120mm EDF
Has anyone tested or flown the RC Lander 120mm EDF? I found one video of a foamie on the tube, but no composite jets flying with this EDF. They claim 13lbs+ thrust and I want to see it before purchasing one. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Ty

Greg Covey 03-17-2011 08:18 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
[link=http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_9756459/tm.htm]VERTIGO Rebel Build Thread[/link]

Extreme_RC 03-18-2011 02:27 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
12.3lb sustained thrust on the bench in their video but they dont show any amp draw and no heatsoak figures after shutting it down, no weight either. The Foam MIG15 flying with one is pretty slow, my friends 90mm setup in the same MIG15 is a good 30mph faster.

An alternative 120mmif you want a turbine like sound from a proven 11 blade Dynamax rotor can be found <span style="color: #0000ff">here</span>.

Jetfan20 03-18-2011 02:48 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF



12.3lb sustained thrust on the bench in their video but they dont show any amp draw and no heatsoak figures after shutting it down, no weight either. The Foam MIG15 flying with one is pretty slow, my friends 90mm setup in the same MIG15 is a good 30mph faster.

An alternative 120mm if you want a turbine like sound from a proven 11 blade Dynamax rotor can be found <span style=''color: #0000ff''>here</span>.

Any video of the Dynamax installed and flying anywhere? Are the number on the site accurate? I've thought Dynamx was putting out high thrust at the expense of high amp draw.

Extreme_RC 03-18-2011 10:48 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
You are thinking of the Ramtec, the Dynamax is a lower amp draw fan unit, 11 blade, and there are heaps of videos everywhere on the dynamax, both in full 127mm form and in cut down 120mm form. The numbers are all accurate, I run bench testing all the time and have done for over 5 years, look through all the posts in rcgroups for people confirming my data. Remember that temperature, height, and humidity will affect the numbers, I try to test everything at around 20 degrees celcius and 50-60% humidity, IE a cool dry atmosphere.

Extreme_RC 03-21-2011 12:45 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
<span style="font-size: larger">My post was removed because I posted in another vendors thread???? Where is the other vendor????? All I see is a user asking a question about a product.

So I post again, if you watch the Lander video you will see the fan runs around 12lb sustained, but they dont show you the amp draw or watts which is what most of us want to know. There is also a question of velocity, so far the one I have seen in the MIG15 video is slow as, we need to see the fan in a composite airframe that has known performance on other 120-127mm fans.

There are better options out there IMHO, but I wont go into details asit seems the moderators love to protect themselves constantly in here by deleting posts. They dont like it when people post up facts and figures that might actually help others make a decision on whats the best value/performance product available.


systemspecialist 08-06-2011 02:53 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
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I got one.

Its fitted in a Falcon 120 (coincidence!)

I bought an Air Sally Nacelle to fit it in

All up weight @17 pounds

It flies well on this but needs 6amp or bigger batts (dont they all)

Unit has gone back to RC Lander for an upgrade to a bigger/better motor. The front part of the shroud came unscrewed and dragged on the fan causing it to fail.

I have always had good support from Lander.

It sounds really jet-like, so I will be interested to see what improvements are made when it comes back

tim wan 08-15-2011 07:02 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
The following is an update testing video of RCLander new DPS series 120mm metal edf set.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGqAeZkR4ZU<div></div><div>New DPS 120mm edf in T-33 flying video</div><div>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21HgFRPqmtI</div>

systemspecialist 08-16-2011 06:22 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Is that the very latest 120 EDF (with the red motor)?

Perhaps you can tell us more about the achieved thrust figures?

When are you going to sell kits and accessories for your 120 size fan?

tim wan 08-17-2011 06:05 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
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Our new DPS 120mm EDF can be provided the thrust power upto 7.8kg w/ 5000mAh 12S 30C/ 137A/180A ESC in higher time mode setting.
Even 12S 25C 5000mAh / 120A ESC in medium time mode setting is provided the thrust power upto 6.8kg/110A. The whole set edf set with motor weight is 875g.
The above thrust power range can be wide met your jets need.

For the time being, we have T-33 foamy version jet for the above edf and PC version is following soon. On the other hand, one OEM version victory jet (in both of foamy and PC version)m will be put in this power system on or before mid of November 2011.<br type="_moz" />

systemspecialist 08-18-2011 02:35 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
There is a formula:

Flight Time = mah X 4.2 / Amps (this is for full throttle high performance)

For 7.8kg thrust you state 137Amps.

So, 5000 x 4.2 / 137 = 153.28 seconds or 2.55 minutes (of course at full throttle)

A model needing 7.8kg thrust could probably carry Four X 6S, 5000ma giving 5 minutes flight time (at full throttle)

The good thing is your 120 EDF is now much lighter than original one, this is very good.

Maybe on a lighter model where maximum thrust is only for take-off you can use 2X 6S, 8000ma.

I do not understand 'PC version'. Please can you explain.

Thankyou very much for product information.

You need a good distributor in UK!

meps 08-31-2011 12:16 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
I would like to know what a PC version is also.

systemspecialist 08-31-2011 12:30 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Greg Covey says:

'PC Coated Foam - A revolutionary new PolyCarbonate (PC) process that provides a hard 0.3mm shell finish over foam. It won't dent, break, or shatter. The PC is a lightweight coating that is lighter than fiberglass and adds durability to foam never seen before. The smooth glossy finish can be painted without surface preparation with a result that resembles a fiberglass model but has a lower cost.'

I'd like to see that on a decently large model (120 size!)

Greg Covey 08-31-2011 03:35 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Think of the PC coating as similar to what the bicycle helmets are made of. While it does look nice and is very hard, it does add weight to the model when compared to just EPO foam.

Hi Tim,

You should post on RCU more often with your new products. A new Victory jet EDF will be a fantastic model!


petepowell 09-01-2011 04:06 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
tim wan,
Just got the Panther with PC and would be very interested how this is applied.


tim wan 09-01-2011 05:02 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Dear pete,

Thanks for your purchasing of our products. PC version producing as like Grey mentioned. The procedure is finished the product PC outline first and place into the tooling then injet foamy material.
That means we can it as one time finishing procedure. It is lighter than fabic-glass material plane and mass production easily.

What kind power system you take for her? We have new DPS series 6S power (68 or 72mm size respectively) for selection. Both of those are very situation for her. You are welcome to visit our website for related specification. If you have any question, pls feel free to contact me " tim@rclander.com"

Meanwhile, we have launched a bigger foamy jet T-33 /P80 which can be taken 90 or 120mm power system.

Happy flying,
<br type="_moz" />

petepowell 09-02-2011 12:37 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
I bought it as airframe only from a trader at our Barkston air show and was really impressed with the PC finish.

Not decided on power unit yet but I want to keep it as light as possible (no retracts etc)

I will look at the DPS series but 6S adds a lot of weight so I am thinking max power with 3-4S

I am fairly new to the electric technology so I am learning all the time.



Extreme_RC 09-02-2011 02:57 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
You are already behind the 8 ball with the plastic skin, it adds a lot of weight and really does little in a crash except make it harder to repair. Imho a glass skin weighs no more and we can at least repair it with epoxy if damaged. Topgun has started to glass skin their 90mm models and I was told the glass added only 200g to the Mirage.

The first panthers which were an EPS style foam were the lightest and flew the best, the original fans were copies of wemotec Minifan and also performed the best in the air, the later fans are a chinese rotor and do not have the same performance in the air, its been discussed in other forums before. 4s was the choice for them but you can do 6s quite easily, it depends on how you intend to launch it.

My suggestion for 4cells is get yourself a Minifan PRO and an HET 2W18 V2 Typhoon motor, this is the closest emulation to the original lander fan but its much lighter and will help with the COG issues. With the original alloy fan we used to run 4000mah 4s packs right up in the nose in order to get the CG correct, CG should be around 70mm max back otherwise it becomes quite unstable.

This minifan setup pulls around 55-60 amps on 4 cells and puts out 1.5kg thrust sustained, pretty much the same as the DPS series fan does but the difference is around 80 grams or more in weight.

Best 6s setup is the Minifan and HET 2W25 Typhoon motor, again around 55-60A and 1200-1400 watts, pushes 2kg+ thrust with really good batteries, and is still around 60 grams lighter from memory. You can use a pair of 3200mah 3s packs with this and a Hobbywing 60A esc in the inlet duct, perfect combo.

petepowell 09-03-2011 01:53 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Thanks for the advice and taken on board.

The epoxy glass method (all pjpjets are made this way) is very labour intensive although it is IMO lighter than foam/PC combined.

The PC technique as far as I'm concerned resolves the surface finish issues with foam products, and looks great.

PJP Jets

tim wan 09-09-2011 10:27 PM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
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Dear All,

I have gotten the related information of both of Victory jet (single w/120mm &amp; Twin w/ 90mm s version) are come soon.
Attached of those prototype version sample planes are so beauty. Mass products should be fantastic models on or before end of this year.
Their specification is 1.6m wingspan / flaps function/ metal electric retract with scale struts &amp; gear door/ smart battery compartment (same as drawer for fin trim CG position against difference size Lipos size - from 3700 - 5000mAh) and lighting &amp; afterburner system...etc. Anyway I will keep in touch to update status for sharing.

Tim<br type="_moz" />

petepowell 09-11-2011 12:56 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
They look really great Tim especially the twin.
What about a L39 in PC? 1,500mm wing span


Greg Covey 09-11-2011 03:36 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Hi Tim,

The Victory jets look great! I like having the choice between a single 120mm and twin 90mm power system.

Will these models also be available with a PC coating?


tim wan 09-11-2011 10:51 AM

RE: RC Lander 120mm EDF
Yes, i understand that both of her will be included of PC coating version.

Tim<br type="_moz" />

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