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NextStar EP


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Default NextStar EP

I have been practicing on my Real Flight Simulator 6 using a Nextstar EP with no AFS. Does anyone have one of these planes and can compare the real thing to the way the plane flies on the simulator? The reason I ask is because I am getting pretty good with iton the simand can land it nicely from both sides of the airfield (Carl Henson Airfield in RFS 6) with no problems. I have a HobbyZone Champ and the simulator has helped me greatly in flying this fine little plane, but Iam not sure if flying the sim would qualify me to fly the real NextStar EP as I want to get that for my next plane. Thanks all for the replies.

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Default RE: NextStar EP

Hi Chucksolo69:

I have a Nextstar EP and love it.

Flys about the same as the simulator. Only one down-side with it.
The 3600 mAh NiMH batteries it comes with are like lead, and will only work on paved runways.

I have only had two successful take-off's on grass runways with them. In fact if by some miracle it does get airborne it flys heavy (not like the simulator).

Now if you put a pair of lipos in it.... The Nexstar EP is an awesome trainer that will easily take off on grass strips.... power galore !!!

I bought three sets of lipo batteries ($150/set) and it is now one of my favorite planes. From dog to awesome performer with lipos.

I don't know why they still sell it with NiMH batteries anymore.... they barely work.

The lipo batteries you need are around 3350 mAh. One is 7.4 volt (2S or 2 cell lipo battery) and the other is a 11.1 volt (3S or 3 cell lipo).

Hooked together you get 18.5 volt 3350 mAh. You hook them up the same as with the other batteries (Dean's connector).

The ESC (electronic speed control) that comes with the Nexstar EP & motor need no changing.

I get about 15 minutes of flight time with the 3350 mAh batteries staying around 1/2 throttle after take-off.

The key on the batteries is that both lipo batteries have to have the same mAh's.

I am trying a set of 3800 mAh batteries this weekend for longer flight times.

If you are a beginner I would recommend the Nextstar glow-fuel version..... 3 sets of lipo batteries is about $450 for the batteries alone.

I would also STRONGLY recommend that you get an RC pilot to help you.... since you will need an experienced person to trim out the plane on it's maiden flight.

No change in CG was required when going from NiMH to Lipo (probably because I took out the stability control unit since I did not need it)

Also you need a lipo battery charger with balancing capability (can't use a NiMH charger on lipo batteries).

I also have a Nexstar "mini-EP".... a lot cheaper and batteries are only $25. (takes one lipo battery).... flies Great !!!

I know this sounds complicated....Hope this helps,

South Dakota

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