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Advice please for Rookie


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Default Advice please for Rookie

Greetings, I would like to say first off, I did lots of reading and searching and found this site enormously helpful. I am looking to clear up some things that I couldnt find searching. I am a total rookie to rc flight and want to purchase a full RTF. I have built RC cars and models, but just dont really want to with the plane. I would rather just buy and go... So no Slow Stick, even though that seems to be the overwhelming fav on this site!

1) Looking at a HZ Firebird Scout.... Its cheap, its slow, it looks pretty crash worthy, its cheap, it comes with everything (did I mention cheap??) People seem to like it if they can get past the tail boom problems. I was trying to look up the ziptie fix but the link was broken.

2) Looked at the other HZ offerings as well. I do tend to get bored and the 2 channel Scout was a little worrisome there, but again, its cheap for me to learn on and crash which I know I will. The Challenger with the anti crash deal looked interesting but was twice as much and still 2 channel. The salesguy said a full 3 channel like the Aerobird Xtreme might be too much to start. I really dont want to slam $150-$200 into the ground the first day.

3) The saleguy also showed me the Slow-V and I almost walked out with it. I wanted to do more research first. It seems that people like it, but its fragile. Its also almost 3 times as much as a Scout! I liked that it could be hopped up later on.

OK - here is the research part of this. I have two areas to fly in around my home. One is a large soccer field that is almost 2 playing fields wide and about a field and half long. One side is homes, other side is a large pond about the length of the field, other two sides are trees. Is this area large enough to learn? The other I have to drive too, but its a huge baseball field complex with about 7 fields all interjoined. I would have to think I could fly there as long as I avoid the foul ball fences behind home plate! I would think the Slow V would fly at the soccer field, but I am worried about the crash worthiness of it and my wife is worried about the higher initial cost! I just dont want to take the Scout out and find out it will be out of range over the pond in 2 secs and I have to get a neighbor kid to go fetch it!

Oh, I should mention that we have almost no wind in the areas I want to fly. It bums me out because I have a nice sport kite collection that is now gathering dust (I just moved here and want something to do since I cant fly my kites). Lastly, I know I should look for a club to learn at, and I do plan to but I feel that one of these small RTF's shouldnt be too bad to learn on. Once I get the bug and keep going bigger/faster/$$$ I can join.

Thanks for any info!
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Default RE: Advice please for Rookie

Low wind makes the Slo-V and excellent choice, especially for your smaller field. I would recommend that!

For your larger field Again the Slo-V is good if the wind is low.

You could consider some others as well.

Multiplex Easy Star is an excellent plane and available RTF.

The T-Hawk is also an excellent plane which is available with or without radio.

Finally, if you prefer to be able to walk into the hobby store and buy the plane and the parts, then the Aerobird Challenger.

These three will be good for your larger field and, once you get good with them, you will probably be able to fly them at your smaller field too.
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