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Need a little help with Firebird Commander 2.


Old 09-09-2005, 10:28 AM
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Default Need a little help with Firebird Commander 2.

Hey guys I'm new to this stuff , so I got myself a Firebird Commander 2 RTF to start with. So far I have had 3 crashes not to bad , a few dings in the wing.
Today I hit a small wood post the was sticking out of the ground , you know the kind with a little flag on it to mark a gas line. When it hit it the wing came off and
snapped some rubber bands off. I fixed it with the good rubber bands that where left , and put it back up once I did that I saw that it whats to fly straite up and a little to the right
then Straight to the ground. [:'(] what should I check to see what is doing this?

Oh yeah my first flight was 5 min long not a crash , what a rush!

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Default RE: Need a little help with Firebird Commander 2.

Well for starters you need to repair the dings in the wing, clear packing tape works wonders, Personally I use wide pinstipping tape but I have easy access to it. make sure your tail boom didn't get knocked loose, they tend to do that when you crash even if not bad crash,hold plane straight out and look down from front to rear at bottom then look at it from side, body and boom should be straight, if not grab boom at end of fuse and push down with thumb and pull up towards tail end and it will snap back into place, if thats not it you need to check the tail adj
I crashed mine one time and it pulled the screws loose on the tail and it would do simular action
I tightened them back up and it went away.also check flaps be sure they are straight when resting it only takes a hair off to make them turn, This is a good plain to start with I been flying the plain commander and had learned trick to make it do wing stalls and loops, not something the commander is supposed to be able to do,I lost it recently to high winds at about 200ft somewhere there is a ticked off squirel because he doesn't have the remote
Good luck and good Flying
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