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newbie's Flight and repair log of Aerobird C


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Default newbie's Flight and repair log of Aerobird C

Aerobird Challenger
1st flight; at pit, ok..no good landings

2nd flight; at pit, better control. landing almost.

3rd flight; at pit,a little better. made goodlandings.

4th flight; Ind. field, good control. hand launched and good belly landings in tall grass.No damage.

5th flight; Ind. field, Tried loop. Did loop but wing folded. repair with plastic ruler. ruler taped to top of wing.

6th flight; Ruler to heavy.hard time to get altitude. learned things on top of wing is bad. repairs to be on bottom of wing.

7th flight; fabed some plastic to the wing top. good long flights. seems as wing on left folded. then ok with one more wrap of tape. good flights. Need to get landings more precise where to touch down.

8 th flight; Ind field. Expoxy ice cream stick to bottom of wing with plastic on top. one layer of tape. Great flights.Rainy, left after batt. #1 used up.

9 th flight; Ind field. Good flights. plane fliped over nose and busted prop.on last flight.

10th flight at pit; good flights. Loop to loop. Wing repair prove to be good.

11th flight at pit; Test flight of oversized wheels.
Longer roll to liftoff on hard dirt. longer climb time. hard to loop. plane is heavier. good landing.Need to test on grass now.
Swap to reg. gear. good flights. Nice landings close to where I wanted them.

12th flight ind. field. tried to make a better wing repair. Removed pop. stick and cut out grove. Insatlled pine dowel. Dowel failed during loop. broke at stress point where wing had folded. 100 foot drop. patched up with tape and try. wing faild in pro mode during a sharp turn. more tape and paint stick. plane then would not launch. Found boom had poped out of place. adjustments need to be made. went home. worse flights yet.

13 flight ind. field. Have Removed damaged pine dowel. installed 14 inches of square oak. 1/4x1/4. secure in channel center of wing with hot glue in stead of expoxy. Tape only on leading edge, rear edge and over repair on bottm for a smoother surface. No tape on top of wing. build up top of wing where fold crese is with expoxy. paint to match.Did Boom mod.
Best Flights so far. repair held up to a few loops and fast dives with hard pull ups.
nice high flights in both modes. Wind was dead still. No damage.

I'm still on my first wing and tail and fuse. Started a month ago. Repairs are as much of the hobby as flying is. I enjoy it. thinking of a 2nd plane.

Hope this might help some other newbies. keep your head up! it will get better. I'm having a blast now.[8D]
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