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Airplane & Heli Controller


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Default Airplane & Heli Controller

I am interested in eventually flying helicopters. I am looking at buing a Futaba 6EXA Super. This radio says (I believe) that it does not offer any programing for helicopters. Does this mean I can't use it to fly one. If so, does anybody recomend another controller in the $200 price range.
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Gary Hoorn
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Default RE: Airplane & Heli Controller

A Futaba 7CHP can be had for around $160.00 over the net. It will only be a transmitter and you can pick your own receiver and servos.
I use this TX for both my helis and planes as it can store 10 models and has all the necessary programming.
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Default RE: Airplane & Heli Controller

Take a look at these two. Excellent choices. Both are in your price range and both have Heli programming.

Spektrum DX 6 - $199
If your main pursuit is electric planes, parkflyers, hand launched gliders
and other smaller aircraft, under 60 inch wing span , this might be your
best choice. Practical field reports, as documented in the threads below
are that this radio/receiver has a useful range of about 1500-2000 feet,
which is more then enough for these plane and further than most people
will fly them. Never worry about channel conflict again. This promises
to be the RC technology of the future.

Digital DSMT Spread Spectrum Modulation
10 model memories, dual rates, exponential, 6 channels, 8 standard mixes and
three programmable mixes. No crystals needed and no channel conflict
control needed. Not suitable for glow planes, large electrics or larger
May have problems with metal or carbon fiber fuselages.

DX6 Flight experience thread
What does the AMA think?

Midrange Radio Comparison Chart -( provided by Hitec )
The reference to two wing flap programming refers to flapperons - The
ability to turn ailerons into flaps.

Hitec Optic 6 - $220
Optic 6 Tutorial - Goes beyond the manual
6 channel, 8 Model Memory, Model naming, Spectra channel synth option,
Change channel module, shift select, glider features, switch assignability,
flight modes, ailevators, 2 user programmable mixes, and a variety of
standard mixes. Does not include a snap roll feature. This package at
the link above has micro servos and receiver suitable for parkflyers.
Hitec is also coming out with a 2.4 GHz module for their radios
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