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Motor for my ep-42.....confused, yes!


Old 05-19-2007, 12:16 AM
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Default Motor for my ep-42.....confused, yes!

i'm looking at going brushless on my kadet, as I managed to torque the prop shaft slamming it into a tree today.......

Irregardless, I'm a bit confused trying to look for motors(preferably a cheap one.), so I took the specs of an AXI I know people have been using on them and found [link=http://cgi.ebay.com/Turborix-1000rpm-v-222w-D2836-RC-Brushless-Motor_W0QQitemZ200110283722QQihZ010QQcategoryZ3405 6QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem]This[/link] on ebay. Its specs are almost identical to the axi's(the 2820 I was looking at was an 1000rpm, 221w motor).

I also have a 3200kv align motor thats a 420lf can. Could this motor be made to work? I have the 25amp ESC that came with it, and I would like to use it on whatever brushless I get.

Thanks for your help, I'm a little knew into electric and still having trouble figuring out motor size to plane size...
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Default RE: Motor for my ep-42.....confused, yes!

The Align motor you have spins too Fast you would need a gear box and it'd work fine, A cheap great Planes 400 gear box would work, but the neat cowl that comes with your plane would have to go. I too was an electric newbe and understand your confusion. The cheap outrunner you listed would work. 75 wats per lb will give you trainer like performance. the 11x 4.7 prop is kinda flat so it won't be a speed demon. and you'll need to make or modify firewall for spacing. You pretty much have to experiment. it's fun when something works. My first Outrunner from a canned motor was an e-flite 25 in a hobbico superstar ep. Way over powered and fun. I have had ok luck with these cheap chinese motors.
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