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sputnikxxx 08-02-2006 12:34 AM

aerobird challenger (newbie here)
I purchased a challanger for me and the boys... and between the three of us we have managed to get the plane from flying to not at all....

the seam split where the tubular section goes into the fuselage... so the tube would slide back and foward... I took some crazy glue and I applied it and slid the tube out until it caused the fins to align even... and I made sure it was as straight as possible.... but now my problem is ever since that when I try to take off I get no altitude and it just falls to the ground....

the tail seem to be moving properly but im not sure if they are moving far enough?

Has anyone had experience with this?

I would hate to have to replace the most expensive part of the aerobird after owning it for a period of 24 hours lol...

but also any one know where a good place to go fly in georgia?

kulgan 08-02-2006 09:53 AM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
I would email HobbyZone and tell them about your problem, even if you have crashed the plane. I had a similar issue, wrote to them, and they sent me a new plane.

scottval 08-02-2006 11:50 AM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
Sounds familiar; I bought a Hobbyzone Firebird Freedom about a month ago and crashed it the first time I flew it and damaged the fuselage. The damage was different from yours; I hit the ground so hard that the plastic around the motor mount collapsed! So I bought a new fuselage.

After going through that, I was afraid to fly the plane again. Although I had some experience flying R/C planes (15 years ago) I felt I was rusty at it, so I bought one of those cheaper, smaller 2-channel planes.

You don't say in your post how much experience you and your kids have flying. Assuming you don't have much experience, a 2-channel plane is easier for learning purposes than a 3-channel plane.

So I bought the 2-channel Hobbyzone Firebird Scout. I found that the controls weren't responsive enough, so I moved the control lines to the advanced setting, and that helped. I also lengthened the control surfaces by taping cardboard to them, which also helped. I still have my scout, and it has proved to be much tougher than the larger Freedom.

There are other 2-channel planes on the market, too, which may be better than the Scout. I recently bought a Hobbico Flyzone Swift Flyer for my brother.

As far as your plane goes, I'd say replace the fuselage, because when you try to glue things together, the plane becomes very unstable. For the cost of the fuselage, though, you could buy a small 2-channel plane.

sputnikxxx 08-02-2006 12:16 PM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
I will try to see if they will replace it.... but yes non of us have any flying xperience... I am looking at getting a second plane soon any suggestions.... I realize the 2 channels are easier to fly... I just dont want to get something that becomes boring once I figure it out

sputnikxxx 08-02-2006 12:48 PM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
lol... welll I tried it again for the heck of it... I got it to fly but seeing as I still don't know what im doing... I just found myself crawling through bushes and climbing a tree.... what fun.... lol

Leo L 08-03-2006 11:58 AM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
I would suggest that you set the Challenger aside for now and do the following:
1) Buy an AirHogs AeroAce (no substitutions) for $30 at Toys-R-Us, Target, etc. The plane is a small (9") 2-channel plane that is very easy to learn to fly, can be flown in small areas (a basketball court or indoors in a gym or barn) and is virtually indestructable. If you and your sons enjoy this plane, you can get two more (they come in three channels) and have dog fights, races, etc. Use this plane to get the feel of flying, including avoidance of trees, learning to deal with control reversal (when the plane is flying toward you left is right and right is left), respect for the wind, etc.
2) Download a free simulator program to your computer and practice flying on the simulator. Its not quite the real thihng, but its good practice.
3) When you are comfortable with the AeroAce and the simulator, go back to the Challenger or buy the Slow-V. The Slow-V is the best "real" beginner plane due to its slow flying speed. You get plenty of time to decide what control inputs to make next, but the plane is very touchy if there is any wind.

Regarding your Challenger, check that the board inside the plane has not come loose. To fly the Challenger, you need an area that is at least 600ftx600ft, clear of any obstructions. Let us know what you decide to do and what response you get from Horizon Hobby. They are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to product support. ( I should know: my son and I have seven of their planes).

sputnikxxx 08-03-2006 01:06 PM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
well we were planning on getting a slow stick I think is what the call it

sputnikxxx 08-03-2006 03:15 PM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
ok... from what ive read in the forums all over... everyone seems to be leaning towards the slow stick as opposed to the slow v?..... now is there a way I can use my aerobird challanger transmitter for the slow stick???? or will I have to buy another transmitter?

Leo L 08-04-2006 01:07 PM

RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)
You would need to buy another transmitter. The advantage of the SloStick is that you can outfit it with any radio gear that you choose: you can go as simple or as advanced as your budget alows. The advantage of the Slow-V is that it comes with everything needed in one box and will save you at least $100 over the SloStick. Replacement parts for the Slow-V are readily available at most LHS and on-line. Parts for the SloStick are usually not available at the LHS; only on-line.

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