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harphunt 08-21-2010 09:47 AM

Sterling conversion
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First of all, I have very little knowledge/understanding of electric flight. With that said, I've received a couple of old Sterling models that can be built as rubber-band, free flight, u-control, or three channel r/c. I thought they would be great candidates for electric r/c as opposed to glow. What do you think? Can I go ahead and build, then add electric power? Should I try and create ailerons or leave as a three channel?. Any thoughts or input would be much appreciated. I want to start building. The Piper vagabond below is the one I'm considering first as it is an easier build than the Stinson.


aeajr 08-25-2010 06:51 AM

RE: Sterling conversion
1) definately build them

2) Whether you need ailerons is determinded by the dihedral in the wings. If you have plenty of dihedral you can keep it as a R/E throttle plane. If the wings are fairly flat you will need ailerons.

3) Plan for the components before you build. Consider weight, and placement.

This will help you understand the electricpower system.


Since I have no information on the planes themselves I have no way to give you more specific information or guidance.

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