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Great Planes Cub from 1.10 SAITO to Electric

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Default Great Planes Cub from 1.10 SAITO to Electric

RC Guys,

I have a wonderful Great Planes Classic Cub that Im thinking about converting to electric.

Right now it sits as below:

Motor: SAITO 110 -> might sell this motor if anyone needs one. mint condition.
Prop: 13 inch Nylon
Weight: 10-15lbs
Wing span: 84 inches

MY IDEA: hahahahahaa, Electric. I want to make this bird easy to take out and fly.
***Ive been flying now for 5 years. But I have a hard time with flying this setup
and I have noone around to fly with.


I ordered a TURNIGY G110

What Im wondering is this... [:-]

They call for an 85amp HV esc and a 17x8 prop with an 8S battery.

But.... right now it has a 13 inch prop on it. Im wondering if a 17' will even fit without touching the ground?

Right now at home I have a Castle Ice 75 amp esc which I could run this motor with a 6S battery.
Im wondering if this would work. Just use a little smaller prop. Personally I think the 110 SAITO is overpowering
for the Cub anyway. It doesnt need crazy power. I just want to sunday and sport fly a little.

You guys think that setup would work or do I need to by an 85hv and 8S setup for my cub? $$$ [:@]

Hope you are all well, Happy New Years guys! Happy flying in 2011!!!

JD [8D]
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Default RE: Great Planes Cub from 1.10 SAITO to Electric

Wrong forum, this is Electric to Glow.[8D]

Have a nice 2011!
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