For me an important question always was been oil mix ratio.
All of us always are worried about internal engine damage, specially conrods.
For me the problema begans few time ago in my first 4 strokes engine conversiΓ³n.. My conversiΓ³n was succesfully but when I opnened engine to check it inside my surprise was taht it was fully carbonized and not oiled

In the other hand, i has some 4 strokes twin engine that I make for it oil carter with oil pump system, it engines wotks nice with 0% mix oil. I use 5w30 syntetic oil

So I take this oil and made my fuel mix 30:1 and tested the 4 stroke engine.

My surprise was that engine was fully lubricated and no carbΓ³n inside

I ask help to a chemical laboratory in mexico to analize diferent kinds of oil first 2 and 4 strokes oils, brands and viscocities
I resume 2 strokes oil is for use one time and carbonize easy. 4 strokes oil no. It is designed for long use and no carbonize.

I can say the best oil for 2 and 4 strokes gas converted engines is the 4 strokes multigrade oil

In fact i recomend this oil for gas Factory engines.

In the next post I will post a table with the recomended mixes, viscocities and more that i see is the best in y experience

My best regards

maximiliano g