Hello i bought a Honey bee cp3 RxR, i connected the reciver and using the trasnmitter for Belt CP v2. i took some googling to find out how to place the cables to the reciver properly, we had some problems there we only got 2 out of 3 arms to move on the original setup. now the swash plate work like it should but the tail is out of controll, when i turn right i get superspeed and spinns 3-7 turns and when i turn left it hardly moves, i have to move the stick all the way to the left and it barly stops.

My friend bought one aswell he has the same problem, the tail stops when he stops turning. but he gets superspeed to the right, and it barly turn to the left at full turn.

any ideas?

we have tried 7 difrent recivers the 6ch 2.4gz 3x (EK2-0426) and 4x (EK2-0424) we use the same Transmitter 2.4gz EK2-0406J-2 | 000989 - Esky 6ch 2.4ghz Transmitter (mode 2)

Thanks for Reading and helping

we have been trying since friday,
when moving the tail left it barly stops. when i barly turn right it get superspeed and spins around. it feels like left -2 power and right + 50 power..
it is driving me and my frind nuts,
Thanks in advance