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Questions on life


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Default Questions on life

Haha, well probably not as deep as you thought I was going to be asking...

How long can I expect my LiPO batteries to last me? I am using the generic Esky charger and an Eflite charger to charge them. It seems like I am getting very decreased performance from them, and I have never run them down to far- I hope I haven't at least.

How long can I expect my 3800kv BL motor to last me before I should be concerned?

Thanks for the help guys!
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Default RE: Questions on life

That sounds strange if you have never run them down low. I could see that if your belt or gear mesh was way tight and you were bogging down the motor or something.. but my guess is I have at least 20 charges or so on my stock Li-Po's and they are still "good".. not "great". As long as you get a balancer/blinky to use with those chargers, the cells won't get out of balance and can last a long time. "Long" can be up to 150 or more cycles (which is pretty cool for a $20 battery when you stop and think about it). But it depends, I had one 1350 mega power battery that croaked on the 3rd charge lol. It was replaced for free but still, you never really know which is why I continue to by the cheapest ones I can get. This way if I kill one in a crash or it croaks, i'm not out much $. I am still flying my stock king2 Li-Po's right along with all my other batteries for 5 min flights in idle up. I could push them a bit more i guess, but why do that when I can land, swap batteries and be back in the air in two minutes. It's all preference though. Some folks subscribe to getting the high end batteries and charging equipment for better power and longer life. There isn't much to wear out on a BL motor. My 3800 is still running like new and it has a lot of flights on it.. but I'm sure there could be some dud 3800's out there just like any other product line.
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