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Motor UpGrade


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Default Motor UpGrade

Can someone explain to me more about the brushless motor upgrade and if it's worth doing. What all is involved in doing the upgrade and why are there different motor gears? Thanks for your time...
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Default RE: Motor UpGrade

Brushless motors don't generate as much friction when they turn - so generate less heat. They also tend to be more powerful than the brushed motors that comes stock on something like a Honeybee King2 - where the stock motor is running itself to death, just to keep the helicopter in the air. The different number of teeth that you put on the pinion gear (on the motor shaft) will effect the head speed that the helicopter develops - the more teeth in the pinion, the faster the head goes! Each increase in the pinion gear teeth will require more torque from the motor however, which is why you only go up in size if you have a more powerful motor (and really need the extra head speed anyway).

I don't think you want the head speed to be too high, since I expect you could break you blades off if you really put a huge motor and a lot of pinion gear teeth on. Would not help you fly, once you get above "enough" head speed anyway.

As I understand it, the stock Esky HBK2 brushed motor has a 9T pinion gear because it is under powered - and thus has to spin itself to death to be able to generate good head speed with reasonable torque (through the gearing) to the main blades. A more powerful motor can spin slower, using the extra torque it provides to spin a bigger pinion gear to achieve the same or better head speed - so normally brushless motors should last a long time.

I run a 3900kv brushless motor with a 10T pinion gear, which works pretty well because this motor is not under powered for the HBK2! 11T would probably work reasonably well too, and I think I've seen that some people run it that way. Not sure what advantage they really get though? I don't do 3D or stunt flying of any sort (and have no plans to - I like my helicopter in one piece! ), so I would never consider putting more pinion gear teeth onto this set up.

For the HBK2, just about everyone upgrades the stock, brushed motor pretty quickly - since the stock motor will literally melt down within 5 to 10 flights. When you go to a bigger brushless motor, you need to attach it to a bigger ESC and battery - since it draws more power. For my 3900kv motor, I used the manafacturer's recommendation and got a (good brand name - not Esky! ) 25A ESC ( ) - but many people would advise going to a 30A which works well too (with a bit more "safty margin" that you may or may not really need. Only about a $5 price difference though, so if I had to do it over again, I'd probably get a 30A ESC too). Replacing the motor and ESC for the HBK2 costs around $50 to $60 and then if you upgrade to a bigger battery (the stock 1000mah Li-Po won't last long with a bigger motor drawing more power) - you're probably looking at another $40 or so (at least for the High-Discharge 1800mah battery that I got: ). With the bigger battery, you'll need a more powerful battery charger too ( ) , so throw in another $43 or so! Oh yeah, don't forget one or more spare batteries too. So it all adds up, but these upgrades are pretty much "one time" costs - at least that's what I told my wife!

Is a brushless motor upgrade worth doing - you bet, especially if you have a bird like the King2 which has a grossly under powered stock motor to begin with! Most people prefer to upgrade before their helicopter falls from the sky in flames!

I don't know what helicopter you have so I'm sorry all my examples are for a HBK2, but it is a good example of why you'd definitely want (and need) to upgrade to a brushless motor pretty quick!

So I hope this helps answer some of your questions! I'm sure that someone else will post to fill in all the stuff I don't understand perfectly!

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im looking for help i have a red cat volcano exp i upgraded esc with sc1200-bl and a racing 5900kv motor and it acts like the battery is dead

2s lipo 5000mah 50c rated battery also on stock motor and esc it acts dead

should i make a y plug for two of these
i would have 10000mah and 60c max the link is for a 5000mah 3s 20-30c

or just buy a 5000mah 4s 60c
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