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sly the dogman 05-03-2009 09:35 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Got it, it was the little screw in the washout base itself, undid that
and the hole top of the heli came out, that's what I wanted to do,
to keep it simple, I tought that I had to take everything apart.
And I know that to get to a specific part I have undo something else,
this is not a snap-on thing.
Have a great day (I will)

joizeex 05-05-2009 12:36 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
well, i've found from searching all over this thread that HS55 servo gears work but then all of them have to be replaced. then i realized that i can do the same with the gears from the digital esky servo that were sent to me (duuuuuhhh!). in fact, the only gears that are different are, the gear that's on the spline and the gear directly after it (that's the one that was chipped). so i swapped them along with installing a different horn and voila, perfect fit. so this is the cheapest approach for those who still have the old servos because those gears are cheaper than any others at $2-2.50 a set. yes, i am captain obvious :D

also, i noticed that the reduction in torque and increase in speed for the specs of the new digital servo is due to nothing more but the final gear ratios. so now my analog one should be nearly the same. of course, i'm not using that one in the cyclic, it's my spare servo for now. this in turn, means that if you want some torque back in the new digital servos, you can use the final 2 gears from the analog servo, with a loss in speed, of course.

chris1379 05-05-2009 11:21 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
The E-flite S75 gears are the same as the 8g analog gears except for the spline gear. They're $2.99 but you can find them at any hobby shop.


chris1379 05-05-2009 11:29 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop

ORIGINAL: sly the dogman

I was doing 2 things at the same time,got distracted thought the tx was on but wasen't,
pluged the pack and goodbye....Caught the heli but in the process but the washout base
and the rotor head control snaped. :( It's ok to laugh you know. So my question to you is:
is there a way to get to those parts without taking every apart ? :)
If you have pics with the explanations it would help me a lot. [8D]
thank you kindly
Be careful! Even this little heli will take some skin off. It can also take out an eye so safety glasses are a must when you're testing and adjusting. I'm glad to hear you're OK and the heli is fixable.


joizeex 05-06-2009 01:51 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop

ORIGINAL: chris1379

The E-flite S75 gears are the same as the 8g analog gears except for the spline gear. They're $2.99 but you can find them at any hobby shop.

thanks. that's good to know. as long as the gears affected are not the spline and the one after it, this will be a good fix.

it's been raining here for the past 4 days and will continue for another 4, so i can't try and see what's happening with the out of phase problem and if broken gears were at fault. i even programmed some channel mixing to see if that helps. if not, then i guess i'll go for a CNC head, not that i really need one at this stage of learning, but it's annoying to have to compensate for the thrust vector being off.

joizeex 05-06-2009 11:35 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
can someone do me a favor and measure in millimeters, the length of the main shaft for HBK2 and the distance of all the holes in it, from the ends to the center of the holes and indicate whether those measurements are at the top or bottom end. i would really appreciate it. just trying to figure out the compatibility with my HBK1. the top one should be exactly the same, but not sure about the bottom one for the main gear.

sly the dogman 05-07-2009 12:38 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
when I received the HBK, the gyro was set on reverse, is that ok ?

joizeex 05-07-2009 07:39 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
sounds right to me. the way to test it, is plug in the battery while the Tx is on and after the gyro initializes, rotate the heli left and right. Observe the leading edge of the tail blades, they will try to point in the direction opposite to heli rotation.

sly the dogman 05-08-2009 08:46 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
I put the gyro on normal and the nose goes where I point the stick. I'm on the second pack of Raad's lessons and the heli up to now reacts very disciplined. Every thing is set up right, cause I
took the time to do it. Oh and I found some lub, check this out, sewing machine oil, it
lubricats but its not greasy, the brand is Unique, made in Toronto.

joizeex 05-08-2009 09:03 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
ok good. i could've sworn my stock gyro was on reverse when i got it. i'm not using it anymore, so i must've switched it at some point. unless you're not using stock gyro? RADD's is very methodical and gets you to learn orientations before even getting into the air. my other suggestion is getting a cheap sim. it doesn't have to have the best physics, but it'll teach you orientation.

so i'm still getting the darn phase shift in the head. i tuned it out, to an extent, with the channel mixing, but only on the ailerons, the elevator mix doesn't seem to do anything. bloody hell.

so i'm thinking of getting a CNC head in a little while. i know this has been the topic before, but i've noticed another head that i haven't seen before:
http://www.cnchelicopter.com/servlet...NC-head/Detail does anyone know if this is 7075 aluminum? and how does it compare to these 2:
http://www.cnchelicopter.com/servlet...-CP-CNC/Detail (looks the same as the picture of Trex450B head)
the last 2 differ by $5, so are they any different in quality?
one more:
http://www.cnchelicopter.com/servlet...-v2-CNC/Detail i read that this one is so-so, you get what you pay for, but works. probably not going for this one.

betapilot 05-09-2009 01:02 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Hey guys, on your gyro/tx reversing, it really doesn't matter which way they are set as long as they match. If you fly from the nose then you will probably benefit from the gyro in normal and the tx rudder channel in normal but if you are like me and fly the tail then you want both reversed. Hope that helps in some small way.

Joiz, on the cnc in my opinion the sonix stuff is killer stuff for the price but the other two just pass on, I know they are cheap and it is tempting but quality always pays. I think you also should look a the outrage head, I like it better than any head I have run and the modifications are lite. Like I said, just my opinion

joizeex 05-09-2009 02:06 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
sorry Rusty, did you mean only the first link head is good because it's the only one that says Sonix, but it's still cheaper than the 2nd and 3rd link 3DX ones for $100. the latter 2 seem to get good reviews. got a link to outrage head? thanks

betapilot 05-09-2009 04:04 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
I have run both and am actually rebuilding a customers 3dx 450 currently and don't get me wrong, both are good but from my experience the sonix just has better action and less resistance through the bearings than the 3dx. Keep in mind that the sonix has plastic arms at break away points instead of metal that will bend and the plastic is the reason for the less expensive set-up. Some like the idea of break away and others don't but I like it for the simple reason that those parts usually are the ones that break and being plastic they are cheap to replace. I don't feel proper linking products from my site to here (the outrage) and certainly don't feel like listing someone elses product for them, lol, but myself and Helidirect and a few other dealers have them and they are close enough to the price range but as good if not better than the microheli stuff which as you know is normally my hands down favorite even with the price tag. The outrage is a direct copy of the dragonus head and the quality is once again as good and the customer support is second to none, all of the outrage stuff is distributed through US distributors and replacement parts are readily accessible. You can adjust the Outrage head which you can't do on any of the others which is a very cool option, this way no matter how you feel like flying you can adjust the head to accommodate whether it be lite patterns or serious 3d plus you can swap the head over to just about any 450 if you upgrade later. You may have to do some lite modification to make the outrage head work but in the end it is so worth it. PM me Joiz or email me at rusty@castlerockhobbies.com and I will shoot you another option that may just settle this once and for all for you, lol.

Kelownan 05-10-2009 03:21 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Hi guys, working through RADDS lesons and the stock motor finally gave up, I knew it would happen but figgred that i wouldnt waste time while the brushless was being delivered, today i mounted the 3100 and i bought a towerpro mag8 25AMP ESC but need to reprogramme it for soft start,

Any ideas the official user guide is very confusing.

Also put in a Artech V3 HH gyro cos i heard they were nicer than the esky ones, the new ones by esky are still ridiculously priced.

betapilot 05-10-2009 12:53 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Hey kelow - there are a couple of versions of that esc and you need to know which one you have (diff options) but the programming should be pretty much the same. Programming for those is done through the throttle, I believe the brake and soft start setting are the second set of beeps and soft start is usually the second option in the brake mode settings. In other words, disconnect the motor from the esc, then move the throttle to the highest position and plug the battery in like you are going to go fly. You will hear the first set of beeps and that is your cell type, there will be a slight pause and then more beeps and that will be your brake settings. When you hear those second set of beeps, lower your throttle and then back up and that will select brake mode. Once in brake mode wait for the next set of beeps, the first single beep you will hear is for the brake (one beep means it is off) and the second set of beeps is your soft start option. When you reach the option you wish to change or set, move the throttle down to select and then back up. Once you have the esc set, unplug battery, reconnect motor, and remember to move the throttle back to its lowest setting before plugging the battery back in. It is much easier than it sounds and if you screw up, no sweat just go back in and reprogram it again til it holds. Hope this helps buddy.

You might also check out the GWS program card, it works on a ton of different esc's and probably works on yours but do your research, a card will really make it easy for you.

joizeex 05-10-2009 08:53 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Rusty, it's funny that you mentioned Outrage/Dragonus, because i was actually gonna ask you if there was something for the HBK with the same adjustability (i like how the Evo's head can do that). I found the Outrage head and it looks excellent, but it's a bit more than i wanna spend on parts for this lil heli [:o] (it's equivalent to 2 crashes on my Evo50 lol)
I am curious though, if i could just get the stock plastic Dragonus/Outrage head because it's such a good performer and settle with that? So i guess the question is, how much is a full stock head package and does it fit HBK mainshaft directly? If it's close in price to what the HBK Sonix head is (first link, $72), then which of the 2 options is better? If it's much cheaper than the Sonix CNC and is mostly direct drop in, then I could just go with plstic Dragon head. I hope my babbling made sense lol.

betapilot 05-10-2009 09:28 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Hey dude - I can sell you a complete plastic dragonus head for $80 assembled, they ain't cheap but the plastic dragon head is better than 90% of the upgrade cnc heads out there (it is not plastic like the chinese stuff). It should fit fairly seemlessly since the dragon uses the same direct drive belt system the king uses and the mains are the same diameter. This head will include the link kit as well, it comes off of a shelf model but has -0- hours, it was just assembled for display purposes. I will end up going ahead and flying it and put the cnc head on it and adding it to the hangar with the other three, lol. Let me know buddy

Now that I typed all of that, how about this, I have three full cnc Dragonus elite kits left (brand new) that I am clearing out for $149, the only difference between these and the $360 pro kits are the ssg frame vs the C/F frame. They normally retail for $289, just a thought

osterizer 05-10-2009 10:42 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
RCer's plastic heads are storied for their poor manufacture. The aluminum one is excellent, though, and the $149 price tag is very attractive, Rusty. Shame I already have one :D.

betapilot 05-10-2009 10:49 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
come on O, can you have too many, lol?

osterizer 05-10-2009 10:51 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Hehe, If you can, I think I'm close if not already there .

betapilot 05-10-2009 11:24 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
well, I trimmed down to 9 and amazingly you would think that would do it, but 7 of them don't fly and I have no time to fix them so I have found myself breaking into v3 rtf's just to go out front and buzz around, lol.

joizeex 05-10-2009 11:41 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
man, i wish i could convince my friends to get those Dragon elites, that price is sizzling hot lol. i've been trying to "recruit" more people into this hobby (or any RC for that matter) to no avail. they only like to watch lol. one of them is building his "garage" and not a "hangar" right now, so i doubt he'll bite. i'll try.

for $80 an adjustable head would be great. So in your honest opinion, adjustability aside, do you think the Sonix for HBK is better than plastic Dragonus head or no? Is RCER, the manufacturer of the Dragonus? Also, I've seen stock Dragonus parts online here and there (HeliDirect too), so that doesn't seem an issue. What about Sonix? cncheli.com doesn't have parts listed for the HBK head, but it has them listed for the 450 head? i'm guessing they're the same? do you stock any that are not listed on your site? i have yet to break stock HBK head because i haven't been upside down in the dirt yet lol, but i would like to know what the support logistics are like. thanks again, man!

betapilot 05-11-2009 12:40 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
You know I really like the Sonix stuff and at that price it is tough to beat plus Jeff over at CNC is a great guy to deal with. I have heard talk of issues with the Dragonus (rcer) stuff but I can only speak from my experiences and the only issue I know of from the ones I have sold has been the "break-away" main shafts popping in crashes, other than that all the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive and I personally fly one of the NVII's and have had flawless performance out of it. Does this mean that they all are that way, not in this hobby, lol. I am going to throw this into a toss up since I personally think the Dragonus is one of the best flying birds I have flown but I have also built a ton of my frankensteins using that very sonix head and have had excellent luck with them, once again very positive feedback from everyone that has purchased them. Give it some more thought and let me know buddy

betapilot 05-11-2009 12:45 AM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
Hey dude - To answer the part about 450 listing vs king listing, I do the same on my site since king head parts are interchangeable with most 450 head parts. I run all kinds of 450 heads on kings and some times mix the parts like my newest "franks" running primarily just Sonix blade grips and microheli flybar control set (not the place to skimp, use the best) and still run the stock head/swash/wash-outs.

joizeex 05-11-2009 09:17 PM

RE: Honeybee King v2 tuner shop
You know how i just said that i haven't broken the stock head yet? Well today i had a brain fart and couldn't recover from being disoriented and down i went lol. Got a boom strike and stripped servo gear and finally broke one of those loop-shaped links on the head. Well, i think i'll just get the sonix head and see how it goes from there. Must teach brain not to fart, i guess. bleh. Maybe it's because my friend was talking to me about how i should get GIJoe figures to drop on a parachute from the heli that distracted me.

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