The screws and bearings that hold my flybar into the flybar head flew right off my Q5 Police on the very first flight. Since then, it has been more or less a nightmare for me to get this coax into the air.

The flybar itself was stripped-out at the screwholes, so any screws I put in would be thrown on the next flight.

I noticed that the flybar head is visibly "blurry" when rotating and the whole heli shakes like a Tickle-me Elmo doll.

Finally, I received a new inner shaft, flybar and flybar head from Xheli.
I got the old shaft out, the rotor pins out and the upper bearing slid off easily.

BUT... I can't get that tiny pin out of the flybar head that I need to secure the new head to the new shaft. It's the little pin that runs through the head and shaft.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?
If not, how do I get that one single miniscule litle pin that will help me get my M5 back in the air?

Thanks to anyone who can help me.