Hello Was hoping someone can give me a few pointers
I am New to this exiting Hobby of Helis
I have a few toys which are fun and also purchased the Blade ScoutCX which is a blast and easy to fly
on the other hand I was reading reviews and also purchased the BLADE mCP Xv2 which I CANNOT fly at all
Is there anywhere on Long Island, Western Suffolk Co I can take a few lesons? any pointers on this model? the reciever it came with which is the 4 channel DX4e and is over wheming even though I read the manual.
I tried it a FEW times and crashed so now I'm afraid to fly it because I dont want to break a $159.00 Heli (LOL) any thoughts or help is appriciated

PS no to go off Topic
I own and operated a Retail Computer repair shop so I will gladly answer any questions in return