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Rearanged Battery and Receiver.

Old 12-13-2007, 02:11 AM
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Default Rearanged Battery and Receiver.

OK... I moved the receiver under the belly and put the battery in the nose on the under side of the frame with a strong rubberband attached to the hooks of the frame. Hot digitty I'm in ballance. Also I layed the receiver flat. Re-ran all the wires, tide them down so they wouldnt contact any moving parts and I'm in buisness. Took my helicopter outside wound it up and it didnt move. Full throtle, it just sat there. Walked up to it and the air was blowing in my face. Took it back inside for another look and posibly returning it to its original state, the main rotor vlades looked like they were in a deep reversed pitch. After messing withit for a few minutes I noticed the main axis retaining nut had come lose allowing the T shape holder and the universal joint to sepperate, wich caused the rotors to go negative. I snuged it back up and went back outside and all is well. I may have to put the receiver back on edge, when it lifts of it rotates 180 degrees and then stablizes. I dont know if its from the rx being on its side or because I have the PIT and PLT adjusted as low as it will go. I seem to remember reading a post or somthing stating that when you turn them down low that it will tail spin because the rotor is turning faster due to less pitch in the rotors wich increases the torque. I figure Ill increas the settings to midway and try it first. Other than that, I think the whole rearangement was a success. If Yall have any input or sugestions on this it would be appreciated........Big Fig[8D]
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