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eagle 50 helicopter

Old 06-27-2008, 07:21 AM
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Default eagle 50 helicopter

i bought my eagle 50. may 27 2008. it has been one month today. the first week it flew good. after one week the main motor just stoped working. i did not want to buy that same motor why so it would do the same die. i wanted my heli to fly right away. i went to the local hobby store they had one. i put it on. in the mean time iam a newbie i thought well maybe i could put a brushless motor on it. so i guess brushless motor u have to buy brushless speed controller also. i did not even know if u could put one on it or witch one goes with what. they were under upgrades.so i picked motor and controller.i sent a email to x-heli asking if these would even go on it.in the mean time the motor i got from the hobby people cloeses hobby store to me. the motor is better qualty it seems its still working. then the rear motor died.had to order one took a few days. i got the motor and speed controller brushless. totaling wroung i had to mail them back. i got the tail motor the next day. it was flyable again. i am new to this type of heli flying. i can get it off the ground and hover but i am nervous alittle i know its too easy too crash. if there is alot of wind i am not comfortible more nervous. the higher i get or the farther it gets. i get more nervous. then i was dis connecting the batterie the heli jumped the blades binded with the fly bar twisted the hole head. nothy broke but its been different since then found out i needed a pitch guage to reset it right again. i got a pitch got it set went to try it and the rear motor dies again. iam pissed i just replaced it not even a week old did not even get to fly it and i have to buy another tail motor. the advertisement talks about how good the rear motor is. i think x-heli should honor it. the heli is one month old both motor burned out the rear one twice. that is wroung. iam tapped. but buy another tail motor i would almost rather send the whole heli back. i have just started doing business with x -heli and their quick shipping i have been quite pleased with them shipping quicker than anyone i have ever delt with. i also have coaxial heli. iam waiting on parts for. anybody have input on this.can the rear motor be honored under warrerity. i sent e mail reply in my exchange order last night concerning my tail motor it was ignored. my transmitter the plt an pit dials donot work i have rechargeable batteries in it and accidently left it on it was completly dead plug it in it came right back on. but know the dials donot work iam not sure why anyone maybe have answer.
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Default RE: eagle 50 helicopter

My advise go back to your local hobby store & buy a Align Trex 450. Excellent flying heli parts available everywhere bit more expensive but,, if you start to concider what it cost you for postage & handleing plus the time and aggravation to find the parts you need it balances out it the end. I bought, recieved a Raptor G2 for christmas purchased through X-Heli. They ran out of partts shortlty there after & I had to search High & low tof find what I needed, with my search ending in China with Walkera which is what the Raptor g2 is A Walkera 36B.
I also tried getting hop up parts through X-heli & found the technical customer support sadly lacking. Sent me batteries that where listed as upgrades that just did not fit on the bird.
So, that's my advise & my story good luck hope you get it worked out. Do not give up on Heli's they are great & its a great hobby when you buy quality products.
Jim R
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Default RE: eagle 50 helicopter

the brushes on the motor will fry if there is a current going thru it and blades are blocked during a crash.

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Default RE: eagle 50 helicopter

I would definitely suggest you invest in a simulator. xheli sells one. Don't fly your eagle 50 until you can fly the simulator proficiently with the tail in, and then you NEED to master head in. Why? Because then you will be prepared for just about orientation your bird may take and correct accordingly. When flying heli, there is little time to think. You just have to DO, and that comes from knowing. If you are nervous, go back to the simulator.

As far as setting up a heli with a pitch is concerned and the mechanics within, there are tons of threads and articles in these forums with alot of really good smart advice. Believe me, take your time in research by reading, practicing the simulator, and testing your copter with training gear on. When you get comfy and the bird is trimmed out, take the training gear off and fly it. It has taken me a couple months to get to where I am now and it takes discipline. I am no pro, but I can fly circuits and fig.8 because I took it slow and I have only been doing heli's for 3 months. Resisting temptation to fly when its a bit too windy outside or the heli is not tuned just right is important. You need to get to where you just won't crash.

I have had alot of succesful flights on my Eagle 50 and I burned out my main motor in a month too. It happens. You only really hear about the guys who's motors have burnt out on these forums. Of course I doubt anyone is breaking the 100,000 mile mark on the 370SD either.

If you are gonna try doing custom electronics upgrades like brushless for your eagle 50 you should maybe read up and see what others have suceeded and failed at before you go burning up expensive components. It sounds to me like you are a bit excited which is perfectly fine my friend, but breathe a little and be patient. Do your homework first. You will get alot more satisfaction out of the hobby when you can fly without nerves and keep the bird in the air for the whole battey, and land safely with NO DAMAGE.

You will get there.

To answer PLT/PIT knob not working...#8 DIP switch on backside of transmitter needs to be in OFF position for the dials to function.
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