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Exceed G2 Tail Rotor or Transmitter issue??


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Default Exceed G2 Tail Rotor or Transmitter issue??

Hello Everyone, I NEED HELP! I have the standard Raptor G2 version by Exceed. Like soooooo many others mine spins too (Counter Clockwise). Since I’ve read just about all the other post and done everything but change the receiver and transmitter I ‘am running out of ideas. So here is the Short or I will try to keep it short version of what happened and what I’ve done so far. So I bought my heli at Xheil like a year and a half ago, worked pretty well out of the box minus some small issues with the tail wanting to spin. (Didn’t know about dip 12 yet) In short ran it in to a tree. All that broke believe it or not was the pitch servo so replaced that. When I started to fly it again, it would get like 3 feet off the ground or 30 seconds into a flight stable then go in to one hell of a spin, in short nasty crash. So that’s when I started reading the forums, So new body, new tail boom, new tail servo rod, new tail gear set. The belt is tight but not too tight, if I turn the rotor head and hold the tail it doesn’t click or skip. I’ve tried 3 different servos the standard one, Hobbico CS-5 9g servo, and an E-flight one. I’ve made sure there mounted right, arm facing the right way, 90 deg and all, and tail rotor centered. The servos work when you plug them into the Receiver full range from left and right. Thought it was a gyro issue because they were all over the place so bought a Detrum GY48V gyro. Now with everything hooked up the servos move when u move the tail for HH and such but every time I spin it up just spins like a mad man. The tail rotor is spinning counter clockwise. Is there anything else I missed to replace?And as for the Transmitter, and the Dip #12 I’ve messed with that with the V2 at 2 and 3 O’clock and V1 all the way left. But here’s the thing that confuses me the lights on the WK-0701 are to be purple when dip 12 is on right? Mine doesn’t turn purple, but I can still get adjustments out of it, I can see the servos move alittle, not sure if it’s fully working properly though. They change light blue and orange or whatever it is when I adjust pitch and throttle curves. Not sure if that’s the problem. So any good ideas anyone?? Buy a DX6i?Thank you to all that read and help!!
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Default RE: Exceed G2 Tail Rotor or Transmitter issue??

You direction for the gyro to compensate is reversed. If you have the gy48V installed on this gyro, please change the directional button on the gyro to the opposite direction.\

also when you initialize the heli, does the red light on the gy48V goes solid red?

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Default RE: Exceed G2 Tail Rotor or Transmitter issue??

Some points to check:
The ESC may have sustained damage, check the BEC output voltage, fit a UBEC (not expensive) it will safeguard your receiver, servos, & gyro from too higher voltage.
None OEM servo may be reverse operation.
None OEM gyro same thing.
The tail rotor direction of rotation looking from the rotor side it ought to rotate counter clockwise.

The following may be helpful to Walkera 36 and Exceed G2 pilots, in getting back to normal functionality.

Walkera WK-0701 transmitter DIP switch settings

OFF………………………1 ELEV Elevator,
ON…………2 AILE Aileron,
OFF………………………3 THRO Throttle,
ON…………4 RUDD Rudder,
OFF………………………5 GEAR Gear,
ON…………6 PIT Pitch,
OFF………………………8 NOR/CCPM,
OFF………………………9 CCPM ELEV
OFF………………………10 PIT LOCK
OFF………………………11 TH-CRV/EXP

Dip switches 1 to 6 are for setting servo direction of operation.

Dip switches 10, 11, and 12 must be in the off position under normal use, and only slid into the ‘on’ position while setting parameters, which are set one at a time.

The Status light indicator will change:-
Light blue ……………………… Pitch Limit and Pitch Value adjustments
Orange ………………………………… Throttle and Exponential adjustments
Dark blue ………………………… Gyro Sensitivity and Rudder mixing adjustments
Purple ………………………………… Dip 10,11,12 off position, parameters locked.

Before attempting to do any transmitter adjustments, you will need to carry out mechanical settings. Start by checking that the fly-bay is true and central; next check the distance between the balance screw weights and flybar paddle holders 52.5mm.
Pitch mixing link rods 9.5mm,
Flybar link rods 19.5mm
(the exposed rod between plastic ball-joint eye-ends)

Next, set to zero the throttle, pitch and gyro parameters. Do not connect the airborne power pack.
Switch on the transmitter and slide dip switch 10 to the on position and set V1 and V2 to ‘0’ zero (12 o’clock) position, and switch dip 10 back to the off position. Do the same with dip switch 11, and then with dip switch 12.

The set the inner rod length:
i) disconnect the motor wires,
ii) turn on transmitter and receiver
iii) switch to 3D flight mode
iv) set throttle stick and trim at 50%
v) set washout base slider to the central position of its traverse,
vi) slacken the hex socket set screw under the ‘U’ shaped connector.
vii) set ‘U’ shaped connector bracket and servo arm at 90 degrees and secure the inner pitch control rod with the hex socket set screw.
viii) set throttle stick and trim to 0% and switch back to normal flight mode.
ix) disconnect airborne power pack.
x) reconnect the motor wires.

Next, the gyro/servo installation requires setting-up:

Find the rudder bell-crank neutral position:-
i) on the Gyro, switch from AVCS to normal mode,
ii) on the transmitter, slide the rudder mixing Dip switch 7 into the off position;
iii) turn on the transmitter and receiver and let the gyro initiate.
iv) check that the position of servo bell-crank is at 90 degrees to the push-rod, and rudder pitch control slider is central, make any corrections necessary.
v) check the sense of the rudder coincides with rudder stick movement, if not change position of dip switch 4.
vi) Slowly pool up the main rotor, if heli begins fast clock-wise spin, spool down and change direction switch on the gyro,
vii) Spool up and adjust the rudder neutral position with the transmitter trim,
viii) spool down and note the angle of tail rotor blades, move rudder trim to central position and adjust the length of the rudder push rod, or the position of the servo on the tail boom to achieve the same tail rotor blade angle;
ix) take-off again and gradually adjust the sensitivity pot on the gyro till the tail begins to hunt, and back-off till hunting stops. Spool down and disconnect airborne power pack.
x) Slide the revolution/rudder mixing DIP to on position.

Next check and adjust main blade tracking.

Now the pitch angles for normal flight can be checked and set.
i) disconnect the motor wires.
ii) switch on transmitter and connect airborne power pack
iii) slide dip switch 10 into the on position,
iv) with flight mode switch in normal mode, move the throttle stick to 100% and with the V2 left hand pot, set pitch angle to +9§ to +10§, turning towards ‘-‘ decreases pitch extent and towards ‘+’ increases pitch extent; now pull throttle stick down to 0% and check the pitch angle -1§ to -3§; now move throttle stick to 50% and then with V1 pot adjust the pitch value to +3§ to +5§. Slide dip switch 10 into the off position.

Use these pitch angles as a starting point.

Spool up and check main blade tracking for smooth transition from negative to positive pitch angle and adjust if necessary.

Spool up to 49% throttle and the heli should be sat steady on the deck. Through 55% to 60% throttle the heli should begin to lift-off with no tail drift.
If the heli lifts in a gentle spiral-like action, open dip 12 and adjust with V1 rudder mixing, turning the pot in the opposite direction to spiral action, one click at a time.
If there is a lead/lag action adjust V2 gyro sensitivity one click at a time. Head-hold mode adjustment turn from ‘0’towards the ‘+’ end; and for normal mode adjustment, turn from ‘0’ towards ‘-‘ end.
When steady, slide the Gyro Dip switch 12 into the off position.

Gyro sensitivity depends on the rudder servo speed, the faster the servo speed, the higher the gyro sensitivity setting is required.

Throttle and Exponential adjustments Dip switch 11:
V1 Throttle curve adjustments: with the flight mode switch in normal mode, turning V1 towards the ‘+’ end moves the curve upwards; and towards the ‘-‘ end moves the curve down.
V2 Servo exponential adjustments: when at 0 (12 O’clock) position the action is linear. Turning V2 towards the ‘+’ end the curve becomes a positive exponential, turning towards the ‘-‘ end, the curve becomes a negative exponential.

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Default RE: Exceed G2 Tail Rotor or Transmitter issue??


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