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cjennjr 01-26-2009 01:45 PM

This is to Andy or anyone who has the CNC metal head on their Raptor G2:

I just purchased the metal head for my Raptor, but no instructions came with it on installation. Does anyone know a source where I can review the installation instructions, if any? Or am I suppose to "guesstimate" based on the plastic head. The plastic head the and metal head are very different with regards to parts and/or sequence of installation. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

AIR TIGHT 01-26-2009 03:10 PM

I ordered the G2 raptor with the aluminum up grade and it does not work I can't6 get it to hold . when I throttle up then throttle down the rotors go crazy. It6 has wrecked the tail boom twice and I have not evev got it off the ground. I am looking at getting the rotor head off of CNCHelicopter For the walkera 36 It looks like it is alot better built. I would like to get the lighting Tri blade but don't know if it fits

cjennjr 01-26-2009 10:11 PM

I finally figured the build sequence out - although I need another inner rod due to bending it trying to get it out, I got the CNC head assembled and on my Raptor. Another thing I've found out about the CNC head - if you tighten it like it should, the whole head binds (no real freedom of movement). I have to loosen the bolts a little in order for the head to move effortlessly. It should not be like this; I'll probably get some thread lock and put a drop on the screws. I hope the thread lock don't lock the head completely. I must say the looks are astounding - just need to do a test run after I get the inner rod. Will keep everyone posted on the results.

Oh, another thing - the swashplate ball links DO NOT fit the steering holder!!!! What gives???[:@] I guess I need to order a set of aluminum balls and see if they fit!

av8trbbv 01-29-2009 07:18 PM


I have the same head. I ran into the same problem. The mixing lever's on the washout had to be drilled to execpt the pin's too. This is the third or forth head I've assembled, so I just used my best judgement. I noticed the binding too. I used thread lock on every part I could. I tightened everything to the limit. After a slow run up, I spooled it up to maybe a 1/4 throtle and moved the swash plate around it limit's. Then it seemed to loosen up alot. I've put maybe ten flight's on it and it's right were I want it, as far as binding and free movement. Just assemble it well and break it in well. It will be fine. This is my first metal head, so don't take my advice to the bank. This is my experience so far. I'm looking for the metal flybar control rods. Does anyone know were I can find a set? The package said " complete metal parts from the swash plate up." Well, I think the control rods classify as such, don't they?

cjennjr 02-09-2009 09:40 PM

GREAT NEWS!!!! I finally got my Raptor G2 off the ground with the new CNC head and tail kit. I only had it about two feet off the ground, becuase the head is still tight to the point of binding. However, I hovered for about 4 minutes and set it down, relieved and overjoyed!!! I had to take the head loose and oil it completely, put it back together, and it flies much better. My project is complete! Pics later.

joecatran 12-07-2011 10:23 PM

any1 got alot of closeup pics

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