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gclow 02-16-2010 03:48 PM

Helicopter Still Spinning
I replaced the tail drive on my G2 SE.
It spins counter clockwise.
I have made several adjustments and it won't stop.
I read the blog, took the tail drive assembly apart, glued the sprocket to the shaft and put it back together.
(I'm surprised this gear isn't keyed to the shaft)

It still spins, counter clockwise.

Is it possible to adjust the pitch angle of the tail rotor blades?

Other possible fixes?

yadac123 02-17-2010 08:28 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
ok try this for me:

hold the tail rotor with your right hand tightly and prevent it from spinning. Spin the main gear with your left hand clockwise. Are you able to spin the main gear? You should not be because you tail rotor is held tight by right hand.

You should replace 50H08-26


gclow 02-18-2010 12:10 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
That is the part I replaced.

I read a blog where the poster made changes to the #12 dip switch.
I made those changes, and the gyro now locks on immediately.

I flew the helicopter and it still spends.
Hovering at about 6 inches it works with full right rudder.
Climbing to about 6 feet it started spinning counterclockwise again.

Could not regain control and ended with a somewhat controlled crash.

Upon investigation, I disconnected the motor and checked the servos.
As I increase the throttle the tail rotor inputs nose left command.
This cannot be correct.

What do I change next?

gclow 02-18-2010 12:12 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
About a week ago, I verified dip switch settings as described in the aircraft manual.

Now, I'm concerned that the dip switch settings are part of the problem.

Where can I get a guide to the correct parameters for the dip switch settings?

yadac123 02-19-2010 09:03 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
ok in that cause I think your have increased rudder mixing so you want to turn that off.

Turn dip #12 to ON and then left dial set to 2 o'clock and the right dial all the way left and put dip switch #12 back off to save. By turn right dial all the way left, you turn off rudder mixing.


gclow 03-01-2010 06:04 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
Thank you,

Parts arrived last week, finished repair yesterday.

I will make those changes to my tx tonight, and flight check the heli.


gclow 03-02-2010 11:25 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning

What a learning experience. I'd actually rather be learning how to fly my G2 SE than repairing it. (but it is raining, so this is the time to "get it right")

Recent actions:
I downloaded the instructions for the Walkera 35#C, which is approximately the same size helicopter with the WK 2601 tx and 2701 rx and the same gyro as the G2.
This document has a much better explanation of the electrical functions of those components.

So, I set up the 12 dip switch as you indicated and the ccw spin got worse.
I set up the 12 dip switch as indicated in the Walkera manual and the ccw spin slowed considerably. Armed with this info, I attempted to stop the ccw spin, but could not.
I was able to lift the heli off the ground about 4" by holding full nose right rudder (yaw) before it began the ccw slow spin.
Feels like we are so close to the solution, and yet so far away.

To my chagrin the roll dip switch #2 (Aile)was in the off position and worked backwards. (I had an airplane autopilot do that to me many years ago.) Easy enough to correct that mistake.

I disconnected the motor, tried all of the controls.<ul>[*]Advancing the throttle increases tail rotor nose left command, is this correct? (Seems backwards)[*]Advancing the throttle increases forward thrust command in the rotor blades, is this correct? (In the Norm mode!)[*]The swash plate servo clatters and some times needs assistance to move the swash plate. <ul>[*]I'll check for binding tomorrow night.[/list][*]I do have the gyro set in Reverse, as per previous instruction, if I set it in Norm, might this solve the ccw spin?[*]Are all of the dip switches adjustable with the V1 and V2 knobs, or just 10, 11 and 12?[*]Next?[/list]

yadac123 03-04-2010 09:16 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
for the g2, your left switch on the gyro should be NOR and the right switch should be REV. This is true if did not remove the servo off the boom. If you removed the servo off the boom, you might installed the servo in the opposite direction so in that case change the right switch to NOR.

the setting for the G2 if you have the 2.4Ghz radio is 4, 9 ON
rest are all OFF.

Are all of the dip switches adjustable with the V1 and V2 knobs, or just 10, 11 and 12?
Only 10, 11, 12. I don't recommend you adjust 10 and 11 because it's easier to adjust the head mechanically rather than electronically on the curves.


gclow 03-04-2010 11:41 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning

You are great.

I appear to be down to just a few issues.

Honestly won't know until after a couple more flights.


I wrote the following to an earlier post.

"I went through a similar scenario with my G2 SE.
While rebuilding it after a crash, I read what there is of the manual and made changes to several settings.
I was focused on dip 10 and 11 - big mistake.
My biggest mistake was not writing down the dip switch settings as soon as I removed the cover plate.
The manual that was sent with the G2 is close to useless.

Download the Walkera 35#C manual from <font color="#00265e">www.walkera.com</font>   I can tell you, that I can't get to that website without going through google and searching on rc helicopter walkera and then selecting the appropriate site.

You cannot use the dip switch settings from this manual, but it is excellent in several explanations regarding the heli.
This assumes that your G2 has the WK 2601  2.4 transmitter and 2701 receiver.
If you have the 72Mhz, then download the manual for the Walkera 36.  (download this one anyway, as it is the sistership to the G2)

Andy will write that dip switches 4 and 9 must be on.

Mine will not work unless 2, 4 and 9 are in the on position.
All others are in the off position.

The #12 dip switch is the one I messed with, because I was using my (apparently too fat)  fingers to turn on and off the switches nearby and accidently moved 12 to the on position.
This one was a huge problem to resolve.

A previous post suggested resetting dip 12 by moving it to on and then setting the right knob to the 3 o'clock position and the left knob to another position.
This is to stop the heli from spinning.  (Look up "my helicopter is still spinning" on this forum)

Read the manual that I referenced above, and you will be able to figure out a lot of this on your own.

The first thing to do is to disconnect the motor, (I put different colored tape on each connection - makes it easy to reconnect) plug in the batt and transmitter, you know the drill, and run through the controls.
You will know right away if the servoes appear to be working in the proper order.

I spent more than an hour of test flight trouble shooting (yes, about 5 batteries worth - you know the drill, fly 12 to 15 minutes, recharge for 3 hours, fly, recharge for 3 hours etc...) which took 3 nights after work to complete.  I even verified the proper position for the throttle dip switch.  If you get this one wrong you can lose the heli and harm others.

Last night I achieved stable flight, except now while the rotor blades are spooling up, the heli makes a 270 degree ccw turn.   Hmmmm.  But I can achieve a stable hover and land without having to buy parts.

I don't trust the heli yet, but hope I can spend more time flying and less time repairing.

Bottom line, if I had it to do all over again, I would have never taken the cover off of the dip switches.

Next heli I buy will be returned, if it arrives with an operators manual like the useless document  that came with the ExceedRC G2 SE.

Andy does one hell of a good job, if he weren't part of this forum, I might have "recycled" this heli.

Good luck,"

Just getting Started 03-25-2010 05:32 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
I had the same problem but when i reversed the wiring it corrected how ever since then i removed the torque drive and put in a rear drive moter this is better

gclow 04-08-2010 10:11 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning

helicopter is back together, down to a new issue.
(This is good news, the transmitter and servos are working great)

The gyro, initializes then no services provided by the gyro.
The LED does not blink and there is no control of the tail after it initializes.

The rudder control is over sensitive, which makes the aircraft non flyable.

So, somewhere in the #12 dip switch setting/s or the physical switches on the side of the gyro I messed up something.

I reviewed the manual for the G2, not good, I reviewed the manual for the Walera, better, but the results are as stated above.

Your suggestions?


gclow 04-12-2010 03:35 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning

Good news, I discovered that while installing the retention strap for the receiver and gyro that the gyro was switched to NOR.

Switched it to REV, and fixed that issue.

Now the last issue appears to be a little tail wagging.

Of course, this means back into dip switch 12.

I wrote down my previous settings, so hopefully this won't be hard to "reset."


yadac123 04-14-2010 07:27 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
okk Thanks you are becoming better pilot.



gclow 04-17-2010 06:19 PM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning
New day,
New "hard" landing.

Tail rotor is slipping again.  Will rebuild next week and try it again.

cloudrider 06-23-2010 12:27 AM

RE: Helicopter Still Spinning


I fly two Walkera dragonfly 36#Bs and am setting upHK 450 T-rex clone.

Doing anything to these machines for the first time, is like opening Pandora's box. On the bright-side of things, by the time you'vegot Pandora back in the box you'll know how to set-up your G2 SE after doing a strip-downservice.

The manuals will only make sense when you know how to set up the rc equipment.

I hope the following will be of some help.

If you have an AVCS Gyro select NOR position while setting-up.

Ensure rail rotor slider is in the sentral position and zero pitch on tail rotor-blades.
Rudder servo bellcrank at 90 degrees to the rudder link rod

To re calibrate the gyro settings turn doth setting knob to zero '0'

The right-hand knob V1 controls rudder mixing, when at the central 0 position mixing is at 40% and turning to fullextent in the '+' direction the maximum value is 80%, and turning to fullextent in the '-' direction the minimum value is 0%

The left-hand knob 'V2' controls gyro sensitivity function, at the central position '0' the gyro sensitivity is zero.
turning to the '-' end provides NOR sensitivity maximum value is 100%
turning to the '+' end provides Head Lock mode.
70%-80% for hovering flight and
60% - 70% 3D flight.

First ensure DIP 10, and DIP 11 are in the off position;

Slide DIP 12 to on.
Switch on your transmitter and slowly spool up the motor, as soon as your hellibegins to spin, slowly increase the value ofV1,if spinningof the helli slows, if spinning speeds-up turn V1 to decrease value.

Use the V2knob to control the spool-up tail reaction,
To set-up for flight if NOR mode, turn towards the'-' end until the reaction decreases.
To set-up for AVCS,disconnect flight battery,
ensure that the transmitter rudder trimm tab is central,
switch gyro to AVCS and reconnect flight battery
let gyro initialize, spool-up and turn V2 towards '+' end til steady state achieved.

Once you have achieved asteady state then lock the settings by sliding DIP 12 to off.

If yourG2 SE receiver doesn'thave an exponetial adjustment, then it is done with DIP 11 on and V2.
withDIP10 &amp;DIP 12 off.

Regards Cloudrider


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