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Exceed Hyperspeed Review

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Default Exceed Hyperspeed Review

Ok here goes. I had been looking to get a cheap buggy to bash around while I'm waiting for parts for my HPI monster truck. Of course the HPI is always breaking something so I needed a second rc to get my fix in while I wait for parts I ordered the begginers buggy ie the hyperspeed from nitrorcx.com. Now, I know some have had issues in getting their orders on time, undamaged, or even the right vehicle. My transaction was smooth and it shipped out the same day that I ordered it. I received my buggy within a week of ordering and it was the correct vehicle and body color.

I got home and unpacked the buggy and procceded to give it a good once over to make sure everything was adjusted correctly and that all the screws were tight. The first issue was the throttle linkage which took quite a bit of adjusting to get it right so that the throttle and brakes both worked as they should. The spur gear was adjusted perfectly, and I did find one or two screws that needed a little tightening. Thesecond issue was when I pulled the engine out and performed a bubble test to see if shehad any leaks, there was a leak at the pinch bolt so I sealed both the carb and the pinchbolt as well.

It took quite a fewpulls to get it started even once primed, and once running it didn't idle well at all,no surprise there as the engine is new and needs to be brokenin.Break in was uneventful and eventually sheidledwell. I ordered the 2.4GHZ radio system with the buggy and while the transmitter feels cheap in your hand, itperforms quite well and had some decent features as well.

I took it out tomybumpy back yard todo some bashing andto see what it could take. I wasn't gentle and did some jumps, and one jump had a nasty landing, the buggy cartwheeled across the yard and landed on it's wheels. I drove it in to take a look to see if anything had broken, and to my surprise nothing was. I ran a few more tanks thru it trying to see if I could break something, and nothing did. I was quite surprised at the toughness of this cheapy buggy, considering that my HPI breaks something every other time I'm out bashing, even though I'm not as rough on the HPI as I was on this little buggy.

Now don't get me wrong in that I think the exceed is superior to any of the name brand vehicles, but for $124 it performed well above my expectations. There are some things that need improvement on this product. One is the manual, I feel that almost all rc manufacturers do a poor job doing up the owners manual and exceed is about the worst manual that I have seen to date. Parts availability is pretty good on nitrorcx.com, but there are a few items out of stock that are actually pretty common items to break, so exceed would do well here to make sure they keep parts in stock. The throttle linkage on this thing was a joke, and took quite a bit of time to get right, especially with no instructions as to how to set it up properly, it basically was a trial and error session to get it right. The carb on this thing is quite finicky to get tuned, but once tuned it stays tuned for most of the day unless there are large temperature variations.

Overall I was pleased with the buggy and have been bashing it around almost every night with no broken parts as of yet. I did manage to get both the steering servo and receiver wet after running it through some pretty wet mud and sand. I took the receiver and servo apart and blew the water out, reinstalled and all was fine. The water is no fault of exceed as I knew better than to run through all this wet mud and sand, but it was just to temptingI would definatly pick up another one, and I may get the 1/8th version next time around.

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Default RE: Exceed Hyperspeed Review

just stumbled upon this through google. Great review, thanks
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