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Prop ARC 36-65-1 or 36-75-1


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Default Prop ARC 36-65-1 or 36-75-1

Ok, I found out from the Teleto show and otheres what Im trying to do is not normal, like me. LOL I got a 69in Hotliner that I want to fly more like a slower pylon racer, fun bird it will not be flown at WOT the hole time but I want to fly for 4min or so.

I just want to find a motor set up that will spin a 8x10 8X8 prop around 18000-20000 rpm

Basicly Im trying to get a prop speed around 150ish, with good thrust but I want it to fly for 4min or so I don't plan flying at WOT more than 3-4 passes.

Im thinking of useing the ARC 36-65-1 2080kv on 3 or 4s

I think the ARC 36-75-1 at 1680kv will work great also but I think it is a little to big.

So my question is has anyone run a prop on these motors?

If so any info would help.

I found this info on the net

ARC 36/65-1
6s 2200
7x5 sport prop
CC 120HV

He pm me told me he was doing 190mph in his striker with this.

sounds like he is tring to go way faster than I want.

I test fit some lipos today to see if what Im working with

I can fit a 3400 50c 5s lipo with no issues, I also tried a 3000mah 40c 6s lipo that fit well, I think I can fit 4500 3s lipo for the longer run times.

As Im not flying this as a hot liner I need to use my power system for more than 30sec at a time.

Thanks for any info mike
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Default RE: Prop ARC 36-65-1 or 36-75-1

mike you need to goto the electric section here on RCU or the other site. 98% of the guys in here are Glow/gas guys.

Now i have messed with electric stuff and i can tell you the 2000 kv will not get 4 mins with a 8x8 prop you will be over 100 amps on 4S

The lower kv motor would be better. Why do you think the 36-75 is bigger than the 36-65. it isnt any bigger in dia but only in length and then nly by 10mm.

For what you are looking for the 36-75 1680 KV with a APC 7x9 on 4S should put you right around 21,000 rpm. this will get the top speed you want, also give you a high cruise speed. this will draw around 80 amps at full power, 1400 watts or close to 2 hp.
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