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Update and last update on my DD


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Default Update and last update on my DD

Well a while back I purchsed me a Diamond Dust and post a few things about it here on the forum. Well I finally got it tuned perfect with the prop I was using. I do have a GRRT .40 FAI engine but had not put it in yet due to waiting on the carb for it. But I did have a OS .46 FX in it for time being.

I found that using woden props seem to be the right set up with my engine. It made a huge difference. Anyways about say (looking at clock) 1 hour ago I was at the field tearing up the sky. I was having a ball! I was flying around loving the snap 90 dergree pulls from WOT and roamming around the sky. My alarm went off telling me my fual had about 1 minute left. I made my turn to my final approach, in the distant I seen a spectator and decided to hit it WOT on more time to show off (I should have known!) I hit it and turned around hauling down the runway when part of my muffler came loose and fell off followed by a loud imfamous Warrrrrrrrrr. You know the sound. At that very moment I throttled back and was going to line up with runway. The engine throttled back BUT I no longer had any control of the plane. It was as if I had turned the transmiter off. I got that gulp tried a few more times to see if I could controll it then just set radio beside me and watched it come in for its awsome landing. It went straight down and the ole Thud was heard, you know the nasty thud that makes you guess " How bad was it? maybe its not that bad" I couldnt see the plane where it had hit. Naturally its always that way. So I walked over to retreive my beast and it was looking good until I got close. You know the normal rutine of joy the sadness to sickness when you see it. Plane looked okay but the fiber rod was snapped and the whole front end is smashed in.

So what did I learn from this. Well one thing my battery must of came loose while snapping to do 90's and when I made my last turn it came completly off. Another this is Locktight the dern muffler!. It wasnt the whole muffler just the end part of it. I think that my battery location must have been moved further and further back until the cord was tight and then came loose. On the after I plugged it back up it worked okay.

So back to drawing board. The nest one I will change alot of things about the DD. one thing enclose the servos and try best to do same with fuel tank. I went by planes on this one but nest i know what to change.

I posted a pic of it under my Gallery in my profile. I used it in gallery because the file is to large to be seen in the section.
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