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GP Viper 500 vs. Lanier Predator II


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Default GP Viper 500 vs. Lanier Predator II

My 1 year old pit bull mix just destroyed my Q500 today... I NEED to fly fast sometimes, so I'm looking at replacing it with either a GP Viper 500 or a Lanier Predator II ARF. I've never seen either of these planes up close, so I'm looking for opinions about them both.

Which is better built? Which is cleaner aerodymanically? Which has better materials? etc... They seem very similar to me, but it's tough to tell from those little pictures and short descriptions on Tower.

My last Q500 was picked up second hand... I don't have any idea what kind it was, but it looked similar to both of these ARFs. At one point I stripped the covering off it and recovered it, and while it was bare I was able to clean up around the V-tail a lot. It was pretty draggy before. I'm not opposed to having to strip some of the covering off to clean up the airframe... but if either of these is real clean to start it would get me flying quicker.

Thanks, Mike
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Default RE: GP Viper 500 vs. Lanier Predator II

Both of them require either a lot of "iron time" or a new cover job... but personaly I would pick the Viper over the Predator. The Viper is a little heavier, but it is structuraly more sound compared to the Predatror...

Anyway, if you want a decent plane, build it yourself...

I am just finishing a Viper... for the price, it can't be beaten IMO. A few little touch ups here and there, and I've got a nice "weekend beater". I cut out the aileron torque rods, and cast them in again with epoxy and micro balloons (on the hinge line this time). I used REAL hinges all around. I binned the crappy nylon clevises, and used ball links... no slop that way. Stuff like that... it is not that hard to turn a piece of crap into a nice flying plane.
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Default RE: GP Viper 500 vs. Lanier Predator II

Either of the planes is very good.

The GP Viper is quick, and well built. Dub, Mike and a few others have actually been racing them in 428 down in Texas, and doing well with them (1:10 type times). No significant mods to the planes for 428 either - just some help behind the firewall. Hardware provides is ok for 424 type performance. As noted above, your descretion is your guide with any other modifications.

The Predator II is well built also. I have a couple of them. Very complete kit. The hardware provided is adequate for 424 racing. Fly great with the TT40 Pro in 424 trim. Although I am not 100% confident the plane would be good for 428 racing, simply because I have not tried it (yet). The Pred II is significantly better built, and I think better flying, that the original version. About the only things I think I will do help for the 428 version is 1) some chopped glass/carbon behind the firewall 2) fiberglass the stab/fuselage joint 3) double check the wing hold down block installations. 4) replace the fuel tank with a bubble-jett

Either way, you are good to go.

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