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3G from a newbe to 3 G

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Default 3G from a newbe to 3 G

well I was birthday time and the wife asked, what can I say, thanks to my wife and my girls I got spoiled, A nice new trex 550e 3G was no it's way to me, I persuaded them that I needed it early to build and set up ready for my birthday, I built it with ease even if it did take quite some time, Align give you good instructions and a very well sorted kit, much better than I'm used to, after a few days it was ready for it's first flight, well I had to play with it before I flew, two days later with a new set of blades I worked out what I'd done, two days before I reset the end points on the 3G, before I tried to take of on it's maiden flight, did that put it down and spun it up, it fell over to the right and hit the blades down, well in my rush I didn't bother to set the reveres on the servos, they were set the day before, doing the same at home with the new blades I noticed the 3G unit went back to a default setting with the servos set wrong for the 550, I won't make that mistake again, I check every time before I lift off now,
I've bought a usb plug which gives me full axis to the 3G unit and it allowed me to up date the unit to V2.1 it's very good, it's not worth buying 3G with out it,
My first real flight was in strong wind and it flew ok, it had a tail wag which adjusting the giro gain had no effect on it, back home mod 1 I remounted the giro with some spartan sponge, next flight it was better but not right, I was just hovering till I go to cold and then brought it in and landed it, I looked down at the TX, ****, I'll not heard the timer go off, 11 minutes on a new lipo, I was sure I'd gone to low on the volt front, lipo's die if you go lower than 3 volts per cell, as soon as I got home I tested each cell with my volt meter 3.9 wow, I fully charged it and it took 2400mah wow, that's a flight time of 18 minutes from a 6S 5000mah, ok the head speed wasn't fast but it hovered ok, I'll turn up the head speed a lot but it just goes to show what it could do if you just want to hover or do slow circles etc.,
mod 2 was to flick the 3G unit to a new setting, it has one for a large heli and a small one, I'd set it by the book which says large heli but I'd heard it works better in small heli mod so that was what I did and checked it on my pc, well it worked the tail is good now, there is still a lot I want to do, one thing at a time next is to adjust rudder lock gain adjustment, there loads more but if I do more than one I won't know what does what,
If you want I'll keep this up to date
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