After the 3rd flight, my one way bearing siezed. wouldn't spin. replaced it. then it was the same tightness as before, but when i first built it, i never thought to check if it spun with the blades. i just moved it and made sure that the one way was functional. And i found the problem that makes it sieze and be tight when installed!

After quite the expirimenting i found that the one way bearing shaft actually slightly compresses. as the bolt tightens, it squeezes it ever so slightly. this makes it stiff in one spot on the bearing. once i loosened the screw, works GREAT!! but i can't fly with a loose screw. so to make sure that the screw is secured, i flipped around the lock nut, so that the bolt threads first into the nylon lock to secure it. this way the bolt won't come out because it's in the locking part and it also it JUST touching the other side of the hole. the bolt has not movement but is loose so that the bearing works great!!

ANother fix is to do that but get a longer bolt.

hope that helps someone!