I am setting up my first helicopter and I'm not sure where to plug in the ESC. The heli is a TREX Dominator 500. I'm using the BD3SX FBL/Futaba 7 channel R617FS receiver and 18SZ transmitter. The ESC came with kit. I've connected the BD3SX to the servos and receiver and have gone through the set wizard. Everything appears to be functioning correctly. I used a standard 6VDC NIMH bat to power it during that phase. I have the connected the BD3SX COL to channel 3 (throttle) on the receiver. Next step would be to connect up the ESC. I'm not sure where to connect it to. My first thought is to simply use a "Y" extension in channel 3 of the receiver and connect both the BD3SX input and ESC input there. Then tap off the positive and return of the ESC and plug that into the BD for power. I'm on the right track or totally screwed up?