This is Walkera first flybarless micro rc helicopter, which evolved from CB180 series, equipped with 3-axis gyro system(rx-2433V), meanwhile featuring its aluminum alloy ultra light flybarless rotor head, brushless motor, variable rudder pitch and lipo battery. Walkera has made V120d01 a symbol of new era of rc helicopter by assembling all the extracts whichever only seen on bigger rc helicopters. Its streamline alloy metal canopy as well as whole body looks like 4#6s without flybar(paddles). The transmitter WK-2403 offers dual rate mode selection and a unique Height-Limit mode tailored to beginners.

It fly like CB180D or Madhawk 300 very much, people said it is tougher than Walkera Ufly, which is tougher than CB180Z. Or as some pilots said, it’s harder to fly than 4#6Bell, but easier than 4#6. And if you fly well with bigger heli like align trex 450 or 500, you will found that it’ s very comfortable with V120D01, in a way that you are able to do hands free hover in your first flight. With the presence of torque tube and variable rudder pitch setup, it has great holding power for tail. Thanks to the simpler and lighter rotor head, it move and response quick. Since it’ s flight performance is so much alike bigger helis, thus it is a perfect substitution on a rainy day for indoor flying. Fixed Pitch heli with single motor is better for beginners in the sense that it got less parts and simpler structure for setup, when compare with collective pitch or coaxial. In addition, flybarless offer you less repairing cost and longer flight time.