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Choosing the right radio

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Default Choosing the right radio

Hello guys

I am planning in building a foam UglyStick for FPV and am i starting researching on suitable hardware starting from the most crucial part which in the radio.

It is imperative to find a correct radio because it costs omething like 1/3 of the project and you will probably carry it around and use it for many generations of models.

Keeping in mind that an FPV plane uses at least 2 frequencies one for video one for control, i think it is wise that those freq be far apart.

So i am looking for a complete set of transmitter, receiver, etc at 433mhz since this frequency can go further, its good at penetrating through objects and its away from the polluted 2.4ghz band.

So i asked HobbyKing some questions.

According to HobbyKing's support this is a nice setup with all components compatible with each other. Theoretical range is 3 to 5 km @433mw with 100mw output power (there is also an 1 watt version but they currently have it only for futabe radios a JR version is soon to come)

= $121.35

This is supposed to me a programable radio and NOT plug and play, but this doesnt mean you need manual text coding there is a gui windows program that makes things simple.

What i would like to know from you guys is if my choice of hardware is correct and if you have something better to propose.

i will need your help reviewing and verifying my hardware choices since you have more experience and have tested lots of hardware. So if you bare with me i will be more than happy :P


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How To Select Your First Radio
How To Select Your First Radio

This is for normal RC, not FPV. I know nothing about FPV
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I've been away from the hobby for a few years now. When I got away from it Spectrum DSS was the new rage. Since coming back to the hobby, I find that the world of DSS is more confusing than 72MGH ever was. All these various manufactures want to have their own proprietary DSS radio systems, and I guess alot of that is because of fear of patent infringements.
If you're shopping radios, my suggestion is to pay the extra bucks to go with a high end brand name like Futaba. For that matter there are many good used radio systems for sale.
You might check out the classifieds You will quickly see how the top brands command the highest used prices.
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