So over Christmas I treated myself to the PZ FW190, Spitfire, F4F, and VisionAire....

It's been pretty snowy here in Michigan, so I didn't want to mess with any of the planes with landing gear, so I thought it would be a great time to fly the F4F.

I got it bound (I'm using a Spektrum DX6i) and trimmed out, took her outside with a newly charged battery and checked all my control surfaces and hand launched it, it then proceeded to fly extremely erratically and I had alot of trouble getting it back down safely, I did manage to get it down without smashing it to foamie bits, but broke the cowling on it into multiple pieces.

After I got it back I noticed zero other damage, the propeller was fine (no nicks nothing) the fuselage was basically scratchless, and all the controls were intact. After that happened I decided to try it again (I was kind of mad that my maiden ended with a nose in) so I removed the cowling and put it up again, and again it flew extremely erratic.

This time I managed to belly land it (kinda rough though) and with no new damage....

I was really confused by all this and kind of let down (thinking it was me or something, up to this point I have 4 years of flying experience with the PZT28 and the BF109 which I can fly very well). So I put the F4F back on its storage mount and let it be. Well today (about 2 weeks later I think) I was trying to clean up my plane room and came across a handful of spare props I had ordered for all of my planes, so I proceeded to match them all up with the correct plane so that I could put them in the right place and this was the difference I noticed between the F4F's new and old prop.

Here is the Prop that came on the plane:

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And here is the Prop that was new in package:

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The pic angles are a little different (ones higher up but mostly the same direct down) the Prop that was on the F4F has one blade that is straight and the other is warped inward toward the plane if mounted. I had actually noticed this when I was assembling it but I figured since motor mounts are kind of canted to a side and such, maybe this Propeller was supposed to be like this to counter some force or yadda yadda....

I'm now waiting for a callback from Parkzone for a new cowling and prop. -_-

Honestly though, this is my first poor experience with a Parkzone plane in 4 I'm not that mad.