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Electrifly Extra 300S Flatout?

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Default Electrifly Extra 300S Flatout?

Hi, I'm new to the forums and to RC flying in general. I recently bought the RealFlight G5 simulator and have been practicing with it and plan to before buying anything, but I have a few question.

First thing I noticed is that I'm more of a helicopter man(I have my own questions I'm gonna post on the helicopter topic thread), but there was a particular plane I had fun flying around with. In game it's called "FlatOut Extra 300s With V-pitch."

Now the good thing about this trainer is I'm getting to know how RCs work - not so much how they're built. From what I've gathered a V-pitch is a propeller/motor that kind of works like the RC choppers which the blades "bend" positive or negative to control how they cut through the air. (If there's a word for this go ahead and just start throwing it my way, I'm simply trying to describe it.) Googling around I found is just the body from what I can tell, I need a controller - battery/battery charger and servos and the v-pitch I want. If any of you know have messed with a v-pitch or this plane, is there another one recommended? I'm not really wanting to spend a whole lot on this plane, it's just for a relaxation and some fun stunts and what not. My last question would be how difficult is it to put one of these planes togetherelectronicsand all? I've put computers together before and otherelectronics- just never an RC.

Sorry if this is a long post, I tend to ramble a lot and just spill mycuriosityin posts. Thanks for any help in advance ~
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