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Getting rid of blue screen with an AV2HDMI converter?


Old 09-08-2018, 05:11 AM
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Question Getting rid of blue screen with an AV2HDMI converter?

Seriously, I am looking around google like everywhere and I cannot find the answer.
I only found this post from someone asking about it in 2013 and got no reply since then.

I am looking at something like this. China is filled with these things, has anyone here tried it out?

Then I might be looking at a RCA to VGA converter, which might also work.

Or just an adapter: https://bit.ly/2oR2TpV
Although this adapter seems too flippin' weird to me. VGA does not carry audio but it still has the audio ports, doesn't make sense.

Same thing with this: https://bit.ly/2MaFiJG

If nobody replies, or wishes to test it out, I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and order these to test out whether they work or not. In which case I will report back with my findings later.

Please leave any and all opinions on the matter here. Thank you!
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I have those AV2HDMI converter a lot for FPV laptop viewing, however it will not fix blue screen issues most of the time because of the characteristic of LCD screen frequency which might not sync properly with FPV video, i've had same issue once. Best is to replace the screen and buy a proper FPV goggle to save up money and time for long term solution. I had a friend cut corner using this method and he fail at FPV. There a lot of FPV goggle around the market under EACHINE brand that costs same as oppose to fixing the blue screen issue.
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