Hi Everyone, Alishanmao here.

Just got my New X5 from bevrc manufactured by Skywalker Company. I am already a fan of skywalker and still am sure nothing beats it for its being the best FPV Platform and being a flying tank. I mean i have flown it 2.2kg total flying weight for 10km easily.

Now after that successful flying tank, Skywalker factory finally releases their long awaited flying wing X5 for FPV.

Check Unboxing video (still puzzled how to embed youtube video lol)


Assembly was just piece of cake and in 30 minutes X5 is ready to fly tomorrow if weather is good. After initial testing and setting trims, autopilot and motor thrust angels I am gonna put my Long range fpv gear on it.

as per bevrc testing, this thing drains only 5Amps on cruise throttle if using 1100kv motor and 8x6 prop. Gonna test it myself with 1120kv motor, apc 8060E prop, 40Amp Hobbywing ESC and 11.1v 5200mAh 40C battery to test flight performance and flight time. on cruise throttle.

I am using DYS HK motor. am pretty satisfied with this company products. I use DYS motors and Servos on my Big TT62 Alekto plane as well and never had troubles.

Stay tuned for flight test videos on my youtube channel and post your comments about what you think. FPV Raptor, Skywalker or X5 Wing? Which one is winning