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18MZ Flap Switch

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Default 18MZ Flap Switch

OK, guys I need help with getting my flaps to work on the 3pos-SB switch.
I'm using the 2servo-2ail, 2servo-2flap and 2servo-2elevator model type
I set 3 flight conditions(low rates, IMAC, 3d) using the 3-pos. 'SA' switch.
Next, I set the 3-pos. 'SB' to channel 7=Flap/11=Flap2.

I'm trying to get the 'SB' 3-pos flap switch to work in all 3 positions for only 2 flight conditions (low rates and IMAC)
I want position 1 of the 3pos 'SB' flap switch to have the flap off in the neutral condition and
have the flap at 20 degrees in the middle position and at 45-60 degrees at the 3rd position.

I can not get the flap switch to work for any flight condition. I had no problem setting this up with my 14MZ, but
there has got to be something I'm not doing right on the 18MZ.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Default RE: 18MZ Flap Switch

The first thing to do would be to make sure that you have the Singl set on all rates for each condition. If you do not, the first rate set will carry over to the other Condition switch positions.

While in the Flap Setting menu, check this as you move your switch though all conditions.

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