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Crow Programming 14mz

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Default Crow Programming 14mz


I have been attempting to set up a compettion fun fly with crow.. Should be easy right? Well it seems to be difficult for me. []

What I would like to do is to vary the ailerons with the LS for both trailing edge up and down and then have elevator compensation as required when moving LS.


Will there ever be a detailed programmng document put together so that we don't have to continue to ask these questions? The product is great the documentation is, how do we say, lacking.
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Default RE: Crow Programming 14mz

"Crow" programming involves the ailerons and flaps, with elevator compensations sometimes used. This is all easily done in the "Camber Mix" that's in the Model Menu.

The first thing you need to do is set the function, "Camber", to the desired control. Camber should be set to channels "VC1" through "VC4". It's a virtual channel because it isn't an actual channel in the transmitter, but a control for other channels. In your case, set it to LS. Do this in the "Function" section of the Linkage Menu.

Go into the Camber Mix in the Model Menu. Turn it on. Don't use a switch to activate it, since you'll usually want it on all the time. There are also buttons to allow you to set the amount of movement for the different channels affected. So for aileron, you touch the "Aileron" button and adjust the rates for the aileron servos. The Camber Mix allows up to four different aileron channels. You set the endpoints and direction for each channel as you desire.

Do the same for the flap channels and the elevator channels.

You can set the mix and the individual channels in the mix to whatever type of curve you want, so you can get fully-customized movement from each of the channels involved.

Play with it, it's really one of the most powerful features of the transmitter.
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