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Sakura Maru 10-09-2012 11:29 AM

FG Series 2.4 ghz Mod
I'm changing an FG Gold series radio to 2.4 ghz with a FrSky V8HT DIY module. It's just a matter of soldering in three wires for power and signal. My question is, since the old module carries the RF, I've been told by a few techs that the PPM is on the TX main board and the wires go out to the trainer plug no matter what the case says, AM or FM. There are four wires, red, (+) Black (-) yellow and brown connecting to the trainer plug in the AM FP-T4FG that I'm modding. Which of the remaining wires is the PPM signal?

If using the old module pins, what's the callout from there? It's understood that I'll be using only 2.4 ghz and a new reciever. I have no intention of keeping the old 72hz capability. Just want to keep on old classic case going.


Bax 10-23-2012 06:05 AM

RE: FG Series 2.4 ghz Mod
There really isn't a way to upgrade that old FG/K system to modern 2.4 GHz operation, at least, not legally. They were not certified for operation without the specific frequency modules available for them at the time. We don't have specifics on those systems because they were discontinued long before we became the Futaba service center for North America.

Sakura Maru 10-23-2012 10:47 AM

RE: FG Series 2.4 ghz Mod
Thanks Bax, I figured it out anyway. These modules are being placed in Futabas as far back as the metal box 3 channel. Seem to work great. As long you find the ppm signal, everything's great.

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