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Wild Wednesday's - Spectacular Deals from JTEC Radiowave

Old 10-19-2010, 09:24 AM
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Default Wild Wednesday's - Spectacular Deals from JTEC Radiowave

Hey Everyone,

As everyone knows we are quickly heading toward the holiday season, this year we at JTEC RADIOWAVE have decided to do things a little different and have some fun with the holiday season. This year JTEC RADIOWAVE will be offering weekly promotions and oportunities to save big money on every product that JTEC RADIOWAVE manufactures. For now we are calling it Wild Wednesday (yes we know that is a pretty lame name but we could not think of anything else).

Every Wednesday from this coming Wednesday Oct 22, 2010 - December 22, 2010 from 12am to 11:59pm we will be offering one special deal of the day. Each week the deal will be different so it is up to all of you to keep track of what the Wednesday special is. We will be offering some awesome discounts on everything from exhaust systems to Airplanes and to give you a little time to prepare every Friday we will post what the Wednesday special will be that coming Wednesday (this gives you a little time to prepare, a.k.a make sure you have your money ready ).

Example, if you are faced with the burden of having to make the decision of whether you family eats for the next week (you have to pay your utility bills, etc.) or you get a new JTEC Radiowave airplane, We strongly suggest the new JTEC Radiowave Airplane!!!

Just so you get a feel for how this is going to go today I am going to let you know what the first two Wednesdays will be like.

We will be kicking off the event this Wednesday Oct. 20, 2010

On Oct. 20, 2010 you will receive 20% off any stock muffler that we offer.

This includes:
Wrap around pitts style mufflers (including the Top Flite/Aeroworks style muffler)
Incowl mufflers
Twin muffler sets
Pitts style mufflers
Functional scale Exhaust
Canisters for 50cc
Side Mount mufflers

Week 2 - Oct 27, 2010 we will be offering the 3.2m Radiowave Extra 300 ARF for $1199.99 plus shipping. That is a savings of $400.

So now that we let the cat out the bag for the first two weeks it is up to you to keep track of specials that we are offering for each week. Again, each Friday we will give you a preview of that coming Wednesday's special and it will also be listed on our Website each Week.

Insert that really fast talking guy in car commercials for the disclaimer . Discounts for all products will be taken after order is placed, so checkout prices will not reflect the discount. We will first make sure the order is valid and placed during the correct time (Wednesday 12am to 11:59pm) to receive the discount. Discount time is based on Eastern standard time as order form shows. Offer available on Wednesdays only, NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Default RE: Wild Wednesday's - Spectacular Deals from JTEC Radiowave

Alright the clock is ticking, Week 1 of Wild Wednesday's has started. Check out our website for some great deals. Maybe you need a muffler for that nice new DLE 20 that you bought or the new JBA 15. If you shoving a DA or DL 50 in a warbird nows your best time to get the top flite style wrap around pitts muffler that works with a lot of warbirds out there. [link=]JTEC Radiowave[/link]
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