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bbrown2828 10-02-2010 04:40 PM

pte 50
hey guys

I had a dla 56 but i am having to send it in do to some problems probly going to exchange it for a different engine... has anyone had a pte 50 and if so how was it

aussiesteve 10-02-2010 07:48 PM

RE: pte 50
They are basically the same engine, certainly using the same source for the parts that give problems

When evaluating engine choices, just remember this simple equation

1 x Engine from China = 1 x VERY high risk of getting problems you will need to deal with. And the shinier they make it - the greater the problems

If you can not do some simple spanner work yourself to overcome such things as bad sealing and poor assembly, My advice is to spend more on an engine from a more reliable manufacturer - there are many around. A hundred bucks or so more now will save you a lot more than that down the track and will save a lot of heartache too..

Consider the G62 lite from RC Extreme Power it really doesn't cost much more yet is a significantly better product that will last nearly forever (dumb thumbs excluded).

Otherwise there are plenty of very good bargains in the second hand department - 3W. MVVS, DA, Many very low hour ones of these can be bought at the same sort of price a "cheapy with problems" will cost.

BadAzzMaxx 10-02-2010 09:24 PM

RE: pte 50
DLE/DLA/RCGF/SV (the SV has 3-4 (different names)

Plus a few others that are called 55-56cc engines

They all use the same crank, piston, reed, reed cage and cylinder, With different names cast onto them.

The new DLE cylinder is a little different now than what it used to be.


xcellair 10-06-2010 01:36 AM

RE: pte 50
guys,, the PTE50 is brillaint,, dont let anyone critisize this motor,, its an unsung hero,, and will grow in popularity,, as time goes on,, have seen a few running,,I have a DL50 its as good,, i fly with it all the time,, in summer and winter,, thats PTE never misses a beat,,even idles lower and smoother than my DL,, and am happy with my DL, it,, its as good,, every day.

the PTE is brilliant,,and the best place to get it,,and advice on same,,is www.wolfmodels.net,,

xcellair 10-06-2010 01:59 AM

RE: pte 50
I do realise some question quality control,,and sometimes i can see why........... but the site i dropped into this forum,, every motor is benchrun,,at www.wolfmodels.net , to assure it meets a quality control standard,, he knows all about warrenty claims,,and how modelers feel,, when things dont go right,, thats why,, wolfmodels have there own internal testing and they fly what they sell, that i guareantee,, I fly with them,, and fly models,, from them,, all the time..i would recomend you check out,, this before u form an opinion

bobbee015 10-06-2010 02:35 AM

RE: pte 50
Hi bbrown2828 . I am the Australian distributor for the Pterodactyl PTE50i engine. Yes they use some of the same components as other engines, but the crankcase, prop hub, spark plug and reeds are different. As far as Aussie Steve's comments about some engines being shiny and no good, that is not correct. Pterodactyl polish their crankcase as a matter of pride in their engine. They now have their own CDI ignition unit which has a much hotter spark than the original Rcexel unit. My engines do 7400 rpm on a Hawk 22x8 prop and drag around 8.3Kg Yak 54 like it was a rag doll. They are a very reliable engine. I offer a money back guarantee on my engines and for all the engines i have sold no one has asked for a refund. All my customers are extremely satisfied with them. I have one customer who is trying to sell his DA50 to buy a second PTE50i from me. They are a lot cheaper to buy than other engines in the same class, but they are worth a lot more than i sell them for. I don't believe in making huge profits like some other retailers. What they do is bring the 50cc models down to the price that anyone can afford. I have been using one of these engines for the past 6 months and it has never deadsticked, other than when i forgot to refuel. The bearings are not cheapie chinese, they are quality Japanese NSK. The carb is a Walbro Japan, not a cheapie Chinese. The cylinder is plasma coated for long life. Reeds are carbon fiber for quicker response. There was an engine review done by Brian Winch who is a world class Australian engineer, and he has nothing but good praise for the engine and the way it is constructed. His engine review can be read on my website, www.wolfmodels.net
Let me know if there is any question that you want answered.


BadAzzMaxx 10-06-2010 09:11 AM

RE: pte 50
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Could you tell us what is different about the spark plug and reeds.

Below is a picture of a DLE/DLA and other type engine reeds.

I know there is another style made that is made out of plastic with a rubber gasket holding the reeds in place, The trouble is sometime when installed the rubber will not seat right and cause the reeds to stay open.

Does the crank to prop hub have a taper fit or is it straight with no taper

I can see it is using the old style 50cc DLE cylinder.


karolh 10-06-2010 10:26 AM

RE: pte 50
Watching and waiting.


bobbee015 10-06-2010 05:49 PM

RE: pte 50
Hi Milton, the reeds are the same configuration as the others but the reeds are carbon fiber, not fiberglass. The carbon fiber has a quicker response time which improves performance. The spark plug is Iridium center electrode which improves the spark. Pterodactyl was the first engine to use these plugs. Now Rcexel has their own type of Iridium plug, from a different manufacturer. The Pterodactyl Iridium plug has a brass top where it contacts the H/T wire whereas the Rcexel uses steel which does not conduct as well as brass. The crank end is still parallel the same as the rest. Their machining tolerances are an improvement over some of the other
Chinese engines. They are also working on a 35cc which will be rear carb and rear exhaust. We have been working with the Pterodactyl factory on it's design and it should be a winner.

Ibcinyou! 11-03-2010 08:11 AM

RE: pte 50
The PTE50i is a new kid on the block! very reliable high power engine designed to be used in all modern 50cc models. Crankcase is 6061 aircraft grade aluminium. Crankshaft bearings are by NSK Japan. Carb is a Walbro Japan not a Chinese copy. Prop bolt pattern is the same as the DLE55, DA50R.
Muffler mount is the same as the DLE55, DA50R, DLA56

Displacement: 50.8cc
Bore x Stroke: 43mm X 35mm
Carburetor: Walbro
Bearings: NSK Japan
Spark plug: CM-6 equivalent. Iridium electrode for hotter spark.
12 months warranty on engine and CDI (In USA)
Carbon fiber reed valves
Max. Output: 5.4 h.p 7800rmp
RPM Range: 1300-8000rpm
Weight: About 1740g without ignition battery
Ignition: DC 4.8-6 Volts (made by RCEXL)
Fuel mixture (Ratio of gasoline and oil): 25-40 : 1
Propeller: 22X8, 22X10, 23X8, 24X6(2-blade prop.)

video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omGOo54O4cA

"FREE" Pitts muffler upgrade or prop drill guide/jig
Take your pick while supplies last! Let me know which one you would like at check out!

1 year warranty on engine & CDI (handled at my location in Missouri)

I will ship via FedEx with full insurance and tracking # $13.95

Any questions please feel free to ask!
Thanks Mike

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