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3136 08-16-2011 12:07 AM

Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi all,
has anyone tried the new pte36r?
I was thinking of putting it in my world models 80 inch stang.
A seller here in Australia has them, I have bought DLE's from him in the past and he thinks this new engine is pretty good.
I would like to hear some flight reports if anyone has them.
Thanks Mark

Tired Old Man 08-16-2011 07:50 AM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Never even heard of it. The way I see it you have three options.

Research the dickens out of it in the hopes that someone out there has alredy put a few hundred hours on a very new engine line. Outcome of success in that area doesn't look too good.

If the cost is low enough, buy one and be the person that puts a few hundred hours on it and provide feedback. Outlook of all that is 50-50. It's good or it's not and time will tell.

An last is not buy. Nothing lost or gained in the last choice.

apalsson 08-16-2011 04:21 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Some real scary claims made on the dealer's website
I wonder if Ralph has anything to chime in with regarding the claims re the Zenoah ;)

IN STOCK NOW, the exciting PTE36R 36cc gas engine.
Rear carb
Rear exhaust
Pitts muffler standard
Japanese NSK bearings
Walbro Japan carb
PTE-6 Iridium Spark Plug
Cylinder is HARD CHROME plated, by the same factory that does Zenoah, so it will never wear out or get gouges in it. All other Chinese engines are only plasma coated, which is not as good.
Weight incl ignition, muffler and standoffs 1135 grams
Very narrow profile ideal for narrow cowls such as warbirds
2 Years Australian warranty

3136 08-16-2011 09:37 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Thanks guys,
Tired Old Man, I like your sense of humour.

I do trust this dealer he has helped me a lot with advise and he has sold me all few dle 30's which at the time everyone in my club was advising against.
When I fitted them they were new but I gave them a go and they have been fantastic, not one problem, not one deadstick ever!!
I think some of the Chinese understand they need to lift quality, I think the dle is a good example.

I will buy one of these but maybe test it in another airframe before I repower the stang (it has a dle 30 now)

I also found this video on utube from an American agent

apalsson 08-16-2011 09:59 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?



Thanks guys,
Tired Old Man, I like your sense of humour.

Far being it from me to try to talk on T.O.M.'s behalf, he has proven many times over that he is capable of making a point himself, but .......... I didn't exactly read his comments as a joke or a compliment.
I know Bob (the dealer) is a good guy and a standup guy but I think a bit of research is in order before making claims like in the text I quoted above.

There are 99% chances the cylinders are from SV and they may well be chrome plated but that's how the liner is applied (flame plating of chrome) and I certainly don't think SV or another Chinese manufacturer makes cylinders for Zenoah (Japanese).
Comments that they will never wear out are also a bit questionable to me and risky to use in advertising because people can and will take the supplier to task when the engine fails and claim to have bought based on those published specs.

Pte seem reliable enough engines though which can mainly be noted by the fact that they are hardly ever mentioned here. I doubt though that there is enough experience with them out there to make any calls on reliability.
Given the price they are sold at though, I would say they sounds like a good candidate for a low cost engine to buy and if they don't stack up, not be too upset because the outlay wasn't all that much

3136 08-16-2011 10:12 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Whoooahh take it easy mate.
I thought it was amusing what T.O.M said, I wasn't trying to offend anyone.
Sit down and have a beer, take it easy.
High blood pressure has never helped anyone.

apalsson 08-16-2011 10:20 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?



High blood pressure has never helped anyone.
High blood pressure is good for the soul :)

MetallicaJunkie 08-16-2011 11:53 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?


ORIGINAL: apalsson



High blood pressure has never helped anyone.
High blood pressure is good for the soul :)
Good for E.D. too :D

Super08 08-17-2011 03:56 AM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
I would love to see the inside of the cylinder and have a look at the porting. At least it looks to be an original design. The site also shows a 50cc which is a copy of the old DL50 with Japanese NSK bearings and CF reeds. The 36 costs more than the 50.

the Wasp 08-17-2011 12:11 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
as for the Prop/RPM numbers go,

for the 20x8 numbers (7100), if they used a good loading Prop such as a 20x8 3W then the power (in that range) is pretty-much equal to a MVVS 35, but if they used a Zinger Standard or Zinger Pro then the power is down about 500 RPMs from a MVVS 35,,

as for quality ???????

bobbee015 08-18-2011 12:17 AM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi. I am the Australian importer for the Pterodactyl range of engines. All tests are done using the Hawk C-1 range of props, not Zinger etc.
As far as the cylinder plating goes, i have been advised that the Hard Chrome plating is done by the same factory that does the Zenoah. I do not know if that is in China or Japan. I have a test engine that has done 11 hours of running and there are no marks on the bore at all. Period. It looks the same as a new cylinder. So yes i believe the Chrome plating is elctro plated, not flame, as in plasma. The cylinder is not sourced from another manufacturer such as SV. The Pterodactyl factory has invested a lot of money in this project, with input from me in the design. I wanted an engine that was very narrow profile, hence the rear exhaust. The Pitts muffler that is supplied with the engine is below par as far as strength and noise, too much noise. So i have manufactured my own Pitts mufflers that meet Australian standards of below 96db, actual 94db. This has added a small amount to the price, but it is well below other engines that you have to go out and buy a Pitts muffler for. The factory is working on a new muffler to my design which will hopefully meet my standards.

Feel free to ask any questions. The next engine from the Pterodactyl factory will be a 72cc twin, logical, and then a 60cc single.

Thanks, Bob

3136 08-18-2011 12:46 AM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?

G'day Bob, well you haven't let me down with your advice over the years.
So if you like these engines I'm happy to give it a go.
I just placed an order on your web site, I'll look forward to seeing it.

Thanks Mark</p>

bobbee015 08-18-2011 09:19 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi Guys,
One of the other design features not found on most other Chinese engines is the crankshaft to prop hub fitment. Instead of being a parallel shaft relying on the key for driving, the PTE36R has a tapered shaft and tapered hole in the hub, so that all the key does is locate the hub in the correct position. The taper does the driving, and it makes sure there is no possibility of run out in the hub.

Thanks, Bob

bobbee015 08-19-2011 12:54 AM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi Again,
I should have been more specific when i said that most Chinese engines do not have tapered shafts. What i should have said was engines with a single sided or cantilever crank do not normally have tapered shafts. Just to clear that up before i am shot down in flames.

Thanks, Bob

aussiesteve 08-21-2011 02:44 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
A couple of questions for you to answer to assist in your claims above.

Can you please post a picture of the inside of the cylinder - a new one? - especially the combustion chamber area.

Have you torn down many brands of engine other than the PTE's? This is in response to your statement about the tapered drives for hubs.

Why does that cylinder look awfully a lot like a fairly common off the shelf cylinder that has been turned 90 degrees to make it a rear outlet?

Do you understand the difference between NiSiC and Cr ? (these are very different coating materials indeed)

I am not saying these engines are good or bad but I have a suspicion that you may have quoted some incorrect information from your "supplier".

skillet92 08-21-2011 04:34 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Good looking engine, but one unrelated question? Why do people post videos of a running engine with them in the arc of the spinning propeller. Maybe I am to cautions but I guess my AF training has me thinking of those things. I just always think of what happens if the prop comes apart!! I have seen guys at the field get hit by a running one in the hand and shudder to think of one hitting you in the body or god forbid the face!

bobbee015 08-21-2011 06:39 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi Steve,
It is definately hard CR not Nikasil or plasma.

When i figure out how to post a photo i will.

Yes i have dissmantled a lot of Chinese engines with the single sided crank, and they were all parallel shafts. I know that all the double sided cranks have a tapered shaft.

The cylinder is new, not copied or used an off the shelf unit. As is the piston, as you cannot simply use a side exhaust piston as the ring locating pin is in the wrong position. If the cylinder was an off the shelf unit turned 90 deg then the head fins would be the wrong direction

3136 08-22-2011 12:23 AM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?


ORIGINAL: aussiesteve

Do you understand the difference between NiSiC and Cr ? (these are very different coating materials indeed)

No need to inferr someone is an idiot, if you are trying to make yourself look good you just failed.

Looking at your signiature it appears you are extremely biased against "cheap engines"
Well how would you rate the dle 30? That's a cheap engine and I absolutely love it, many others do as well.
Yes you will see questions in forums of "why isn't my engine running properly"
Usually a few questions are asked, and it turns out they are running over 6v or not pushed the spark cap on properly.

The dle has been an amazing sucess for Chinese manufacturing, other companies there would be envious as hell.
Hopefully this pte is another "cheapie" sucess story.
Anyway I'm sure you will not buy one Aussiesteve, that's ok we all have choices to make, I personally am delighted with my dle's, I could not fault them in any way, so maybe this pte will be as good maybe not, time will tell.
I have a extra 260 I'm going to test it in so stay tuned for the video.

Regards Mark

aussiesteve 08-22-2011 02:36 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Good on ya mark
You don't know me too well do you. If someone is purchasing and has a limited financial budget in mind, I ALWAYS recommend the DLE products to them from the local Factory authorised distributors - Not from those that have them sourced frmo the remainder of the Chiense sites that had stocks. (you most likely know which reseller I am referring to here.)

Ok - FACTS about PTE engines - and how do I know? - because i HAVE purchased one to look at.

1 - the Cylinder is FLAME coated chrome - see those little dots at the top of the cylinder in the combustion chamber area? - those are the heat spots from the FLAME coating process. Why do they use FLAME coating? - because to properly Electroplate Chrome to Aluminium requires a number of grinding steps and an intermediate layer - otherwise it peels off. Then there is a necessity for a finish grind as opposed to a finish hone.

2 - The Cylinder mold - it is easy to revolve the top part of the mold 90 degrees and the mandrel 90 degrees - I have done this many times. It doesn't make the cylinder more or less functional - it just rotates the port.

3 - Tapered hub drives. By far the majority of hubs that runout are on tapered drives. There is a couple of sound metallurgical reasons for this, one of which involves thermal expansion, the other involves taper matching. There is a reason that high performance engines (Including the DLE singles) use a parallel shaft and that is because it is more accurate - consistently provided the right fits are used.

To Bob - don't necessarily believe everything you ar told by the "factory". Their and your interpretations can be a little different.

I won't even start on kill swithces, mufflers etc - that is not what this forum is about.

Oh - as for my thoughts on this engine?
It performs fine - no bettter than the MLD 35, not much better than the DLE 30 and certainly not as well as a Zenoah 38. Teh mid range (where we fly0 lack a little acceleration for my liking but it runs and will no doubt be sold on "turns a XXX prop at YYY rpm" which is all that many can read into these days.

Ok - I'm out before a bystander gets confused as to who is who.:D

How long will it last? - ask again in a couple of years as it is very much an unknown now.
Tune it, fly it, see how it goes - nobody can do any different on them

Ibcinyou! 08-22-2011 06:22 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi Mark,

I am a dealer for PTE here in the USA Missouri to be exact.
website: www.ibcinyourc.com

you can go to my website and see all the pic's and first run video of the PTE36R that I did on youtube.

Contact me any time.

Thanks Mike

bobbee015 08-22-2011 06:44 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Hi Mike. Welcome aboard. I hope your sales do well as they are a great engine. The factory has addressed the muffler problem now so all is good.

Thanks, Bob

bobbee015 08-24-2011 05:11 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
I stand corrected. IT was my miss-interpretation from the factory. It is indeed flame coated chrome.

Thanks, Bob

Antique 08-24-2011 06:17 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Tapered hub drives...
ALL chainsaws use tapered drives on their flywheels...Because of the CCW rotation of the crank most engine manufacturers make their hubs for the tapered end of the crank...There are ZERO problems with taper drives when the hub taper EXACTLY matches the taper in the hub..No key is necessary if the maker has enough knowledge to put the hub on the crank correctly to time the engine...
A&M gassers with cantilever cranks use/used a shraight shaft with a keyway and a keyed taper piece with a key and a keyway in the hub..Too many places to fail, but it usually worked...
If you want to measure any of my tapered hubs you will find 0/0 runout...The hub is machined in place ON the crank after final assembly...
Converting ingines for 25 years has seen very few non taper cranks...
Our VERY high peformance racing engines all use taper drive hubs...20 to 40+ HP up to 12,000 rpm and zero problems when correctly assembled...
220+ mph last weekend ;)

bobbee015 08-24-2011 06:28 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
I also believe the tapered hub drive has advantages over the parallel shaft. That was why i mentioned it. I remember reading on RCU comments by very experienced engine guru's that the preferred method was tapered drive and they could not understand why the manufacturers did not make them like that. This is where i got the idea from


Super08 08-24-2011 06:50 PM

RE: Has anyone tried the new PTE36R ?
Tapered wins every time hands down.

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