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washfire 10-01-2011 05:24 PM

fg-14 in showtime 50
Putting a new Saito FG-14b in my Showtime 50.... First time with this gas motor... Looking for ideas on mounting the ignition and etc... Not sure where to mount everything???

Ernie Misner 10-03-2011 09:20 PM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
Well you're not getting many replies yet on this one! Take a good look at the gas engine forum, expecially the stuff on the 20cc DLE, like what plane are you putting your 20cc on. Another guy has a complete build thread on the Aeroworks ProX 260 with DlE 20cc. Not exactly what you asked for but many, many ideas there about the related hardware. Keep us posted and good luck!


w8ye 10-03-2011 09:26 PM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
The most successfull areas of use for the Saito FG series engines has been in sport and scale planes.

They have not worked out well for 3D in the long run.

The problems encountered are the extra dead weight of the ignitions system and the extra battery.

Throttle response/tuning issues

Overall power.

washfire 11-05-2011 09:30 AM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
:)Well, finished the install a few weeks ago and it flys great!!!! Almost thru the 1st gallon and the only problem I'm having is it will die after an abrupt move... If I fly with no loops, rolls etc it will fly all day. Not out of fuel tho... great balance so dead sticks have been great. The fuel line is still full of fuel.. Not sure why it is dying.. checke all electrical conection, clunk, fuel etc. Guess I'll have to change things around and keep flying untill I find out why... Any ideas...

w8ye 11-05-2011 09:32 AM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
Like i said?

washfire 11-05-2011 09:37 AM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
I supose I could only fly upright and around in circles, it does that great... I'm only concerned about the dying... And why... You cna'y tell me the going straight up and then flatten out is a move that would kill na engine..

w8ye 11-05-2011 02:00 PM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
The pump in the FG-14 carb is very weak. You need the tank right up as close as you can get it to the carb and centered on the needle valve.

Ernie Misner 11-09-2011 10:06 PM

RE: fg-14 in showtime 50
Try richening it up slightly and see if that improves things.

Keep us posted,


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