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coralcape 07-30-2004 07:35 PM

avio mac (macminarelli) 85i
A friend has a new avio mac 85 in a one design and is having trouble starting it. Has jumpstart. When we tried with the cowl off, plugs were dry after 10 to 12 cranks with wide open throttle and ignition off. Engine does eventually start after much cranking. Noticed that choke has relief holes in it. Should these be closed up? If any anyone has one of these engines would like to know your starting procedure.
Thanks, red

Antique 07-30-2004 08:12 PM

RE: avio mac (macminarelli) 85i
Try cranking with the throttle closed....You don't want air, you want fuel...Closing the carb completely off pulls more fuel in.....[8D]
The carbs were made for chainsaws, a drop of solder in the holes can't hurt, might help...
Next time you have the cowl off, put your thumb over the carb venturi and rotate the prop by hand, you'll see......You don't even have to rotate the crank, just back and forth over compression will do it...

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