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Whistling Death 08-08-2008 09:53 AM

RCGF Engines
Any experiance with them? They are nice looking engines. I like that most all have rear carbs. Too bad that 20cc isn't a rear carb I would buy a couple of them.

aussiesteve 08-08-2008 06:28 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
First up - I'll point out that I am a distributor of them.
Now for the answer. I was one of their earliest distributors so I have seen the evolution of the engines to what they are now. The official distributor network is very strong - we often talk to each other and assist each other as required with information, tech support etc.
The distributors have spent a lot of time working with the factory to provide feedback on suggested improvements as well as the writing of manuals etc. A lot of that feedback has also been provided by customers. The factory is a factory that listens to what the market requires and it has acted accordingly. - that is what has made the engines what they are today - well designed and well built powerful units at quite a reasonable cost.

I have at least one of each engine mounted in an airframe and we fly the heck out of them - we also let prospective customers try those airframes out (we sell airframes as well - so that is a win-win for us). My oldest one has over 280 hours on it without a strip down - it is an early version 45cc. I also have a 50cc that had over 130 hours running time with 100:1 Belray SC1 oil in it - just to see how tough they are. I stripped it down after then because we were getting bored with it and the internal "damage" form running it to lean on oil was minimal.

There was a stage recently where another company was claiming to be selling RCGF engines - that particular company has previously had an awful reputation in the marketplace but the engines they were selling were most definitely not RCGF engines - they just happened to be made in the same province. There was also a company that purchased a stock of very old versions of the engines for sale in the domestic Chinese market. Those particular engines had not been through the normal QC process as the design had been upgraded on them prior to them being sold and they were not meant for release to the international market as they were sold without warranty. The company that purchased them then promptly sold them world wide with no warranty support or technical support. Fortunately, the factory still backed those engines with warranty for the unfortunate customers that received them but the customers did need to send them to China for that to happen.

So - in summary, they are strong engines that are well designed and manufactured with a great dealer support network (We all strive to continually improve that too) all at a reasonable price.

karolh 08-08-2008 07:19 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Can someone send me a link to view this line of engines. Thanks .


aussiesteve 08-08-2008 07:25 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Seeing as my website is undergoing a complete reconstruction - I will give you the link to the US distributors site. - Lots of info there.


Piston 08-08-2008 07:32 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Second Up - I will also point out that I am a distributor of RCGF engines for North America

The interesting thing with the RCGF distributors is that we are engineers and we love to fly. Our dealers are also engineers and very technically minded. All of us have extensive experience with the gassers too. And we love to learn too. As Aussiesteve pointed out, the factory does listen to us, and more importantly to the voice of the customer. And we talk...... a lot..... amongst ourselves and with other flyers.

Both Aussiesteve and I run these engines hard to see how long they will keep ticking. Problem is, he and I both get bored after about 200+ hours of running them. Stripping them down shows minimal wear. These engines are designed and built for long use. The metallurgy used in the engine construction is consistent and of high quality. The bearings, spark plugs, ignition system are all brand name high end. We all hate warranty returns!

As we get the feedback from the customers on their experiences, their points will become future improvements.

In answer to Whistling Death on his request for a rear mounted 20cc.... The factory has heard ya loud and clear... The 20cc is the newest addition to the family. For now it will be manufactured as a side mounted engine, but I am sure that will change too.


karolh 08-08-2008 07:49 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Thanks for the RCGF link where I was hoping to see a picture of the 20cc but unfortunately there was none . Anyone has any pics of the side carb 20 CC.


skip1320 08-08-2008 07:51 PM

RE: RCGF Engines

Piston 08-08-2008 07:57 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
1 Attachment(s)
Hey All...
The pics and spec are on the site


First engine.


xtassoni 08-11-2008 01:56 AM

RE: RCGF Engines
I Aussisteve and all,
I'm an Italian RCGF dealer. if you are interested I put on my web site ( www.aquilahobby.it ) my own test for RCGF 45cc side carb. make a link on your web site if interested.
My best!!!

Whistling Death 08-12-2008 08:45 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
The 20cc and the 26cc seem to be pretty powerful.

rcswamper 08-12-2008 09:25 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
What is a High Performance RCGF 50cc compaired to the standard RCGF 50cc? Or are they the same?

Piston 08-12-2008 10:15 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Hey Rcswamper

The RCGF 50cc engines are one and the same.... (all high performance):D.

The new 50cc engine model that have just been introduced are proving to have a higher power/thrust curve than the previous models. The factory is taking the "voice of the customer" seriously, listening, studying and then acting to what is needed. The result is a no nonsense, "take no prisoners" engine that does what the designers intended it to do - fly your aircraft smartly, reliably, with no drama, and lots of power to spare.

mmattockx 08-13-2008 08:19 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
I hate to be difficult, but are there any RCGF owners out there? I appreciate the effort put forth by the distributors to get their product and info out into the public, and Henry has been very helpful to some questions I have had. But there is nothing like hearing some customer opinions and results with these engines. I am specifically interested in the 45cc engine, but any input is good.


rcswamper 08-13-2008 10:04 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Thank You Piston on the reply. I'm looking for a motor for my GP Patty Wagstaff. I'm thinking of the 50cc, but would the 45cc be more then enough for this plane?

Piston 08-13-2008 11:08 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Hey RCSwamper

The GP Patty Wagstaff is a great flyer, and you will not be disappointed in its performance.
The engine range for this aircraft runs from 41cc to 65cc size (gassers). With a gas engine inside her, you will find the weight in and around the 15-17 pound range (less if you stay with glow 2 or 4 cycle -but not much less, maybe a pound or two.)

My old BIG BINGO is 85" of big wing and it comes in at 19 pounds. I have the RCGF 45cc engine in her and the plane hauls butt across the sky. It will never be a 3D performer of course, but the engine provides more than enough pull to keep me in and out of trouble!

I figure your GP PW will come in at just under 15.5 pounds. The 45cc should be fine and provide you with many great memories and flying experiences for years to come.


T3beatz 08-14-2008 01:10 AM

RE: RCGF Engines
Hey Mmattockx,
I own a RCGF 65cc engine, and I would back them 100% I'm a 3d flyer and I need power and reliability out of an engine I have a 30% yak-54 so I put the 65cc on it and it's a blast... I first had the engine in a lanier edge 540 87" and I crashed it strait in and the engine made it through it alive!!! I cracked the carb manifold on it (made of hard plastic) and Piston got me a new one...

The first time I started this engine was a good experience... I choked the carb got it good and wet and turned the choke off, fliped the prop once and she fired right up! every since then it has been good to me. I was very new to gas engines when I got this one and I had no help with tuning it but it never cut out until some guys from the field started messing with the needles and I had one dead-stick because of that... I knew that they were wrong but I thought they knew more than I did... after a couple weeks of flying with the engine the power picked up on it alot... I started off with a Xoar 22x10 and brand new it was spinning that at 6900 ( and this is with no tune) then after a couple days I got it up to about 7300-7400 once I started getting better with the gasser... then after a couple months and a new plane I put a zinger 24x8 on it and it spins that at about 7200 rpms... that's good, my friend DA 50 spins a 23x8 a 6600... he has an Extreme flight extra and you could see the difference in power right away... For the price and performance this is a great engine! I will most definitely get another, I aslo will be getting one of the 100cc engines as I'm hearing good things about them also....

Ask anyone down at my field and they will tell you that this engine has power!! after learned to fly I pushed it to the limit!! nice transition and good Idle... get a Velo stack if inside the cow it helps the mid-range sometimes also...
I have videos on Youtube of the engine in action...

some with it mounted on my edge 540..
and one on the yak-54


I called it the peak 65cc because when I bought the engine no one new who made it, it had 2 or three different names, and no US distributor at the time... I purchased it from peakmodel in Newzealand but they just drop ship directly from the Factory... nice packaging with the RCGF box.

mmattockx 08-14-2008 11:37 AM

RE: RCGF Engines
T2beatz, thanks for the info. That is what I am looking for, you can't beat the experience of the end users with the product.


SunShyne 08-14-2008 11:41 AM

RE: RCGF Engines
what power can I expect from the 26cc engine with a 18"prop. I am looking to replace a YS140 in a 73" CAP with a small gasser that can put some decent power out


plasticman 08-14-2008 01:32 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
I second SunShyne's question with one addition: What RPM with 18" prop and tuned pipe?


mmattockx 08-14-2008 01:37 PM

RE: RCGF Engines

From Henry's site:


Displacement (cc) 26cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 1.33"x1.12" (34mmx28.6mm)
Carburetor Walbro
Ignition DC-CDI (electronic ignition system)
Power supply 4.8-6V
Weight - with ignition and muffler 39.6 ounces (1122g)
Weight - without ignition & muffler 34.4 ounces (975g)

Maximum Output 2.6hp/1.85KW
Speed range 1500-8000rpm
Gas/Oil Mix 25-40:1 (90 octane gasoline)
Propeller 18*8 7100 rpm
I added the bolding. Henry told me tested the 45cc with Xoar props, so I expect that is what the 26 got as well. It is not as strong as a good glow engine of the same size, but it is doing decent numbers.

Plasticman, you will have to buy one and tell us how it works out with the pipe.:D How's that other 26 and pipe working in your big Fusion?


Piston 08-14-2008 02:01 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
Hey All

Ok... guys running the engines are telling me this.... once the engine is broken-in (2 hours or so to give the rings time to seat). They are then changing over from 30:1 ashless oil to synthetic oil.
They are using BelRay SC1 at the recommended mix of 50:1.............

Now we pause for station identification
Our specs are stating 7100 using the 18*8 prop. That is the factory spec. They test and run using 90 octane 30:1 ashless oil. Period.....end stop.....The numbers stated are absolutely conservative, but they are the numbers and the only ones we are allowed to advertise as official.

Back to our show....

The fella's are reporting that they are getting around 7700+rpm.
I have not yet experienced a 26cc with a tuned pipe, and I for one am curious what the RCGF26cc would do with that strapped on. Plasticman... wanna talk?? Send me a PM.


T3beatz 08-14-2008 02:43 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
yeah, the numbers on the site or or conservative... I've never put a 22x12 on my plane but if I did I know it would spin a few hundred RPMs more than listed on the site... It says on the site 22x12 6600 on the 65cc but mine would spin more in the 7000's+ I just started running my engine at a 40 to 1 ratio, but still with lawnboy ashless. if I went up to 50 to 1 with a synthetic it would pick up some more...

mmattockx 08-14-2008 03:38 PM

RE: RCGF Engines


The fella's are reporting that they are getting around 7700+rpm.
I have not yet experienced a 26cc with a tuned pipe, and I for one am curious what the RCGF26cc would do with that strapped on. Plasticman... wanna talk?? Send me a PM.


Since we are talking more real world numbers, how does the 45 do with the 20x10 as listed?

7700rpm with an 18x8 is pretty good. The G26 will swing a Mejzlik 18x6 at 9000rpm with a good muffler and 10,000rpm with a tuned pipe. Considering the difference in prop loads between the Xoar 18x8 and the Mejz 18x6, your 26 is running very close to even with the G-26. Very good territory to be in, all in all. I like the rear carb for a lot of cowled applications, too. Now if you could only offer a rear exhaust option, that would be perfect for a lot of models I like.:D


perche 08-14-2008 05:24 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
I just finished my Esm Skyraider today, and i have a Rcgf 26cc in it. With a 18/8. Maiden friday. Il tac it on the first tank of gas.( The engine has never been started)


SunShyne 08-14-2008 08:42 PM

RE: RCGF Engines
good info gents, appreciate it! I cant run a pipe since its a full fuse 1/4 scale and I would hate to butcher the plane anymore to get a pipe to fit but if I could 8000ish I think I might be ok with it :D

I just need to hover and have decent pull out and not have to pay a huge weight penalty

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