Iam passing along the information from the photographer ( John Comerford) that was at the OJASpring Race, the following is the email he sent to me.

Sorry it's taken so long to get the pictures posted. Please forward this on to the rest of the pilots, callers, and volunteers, as you see fit.

It was a great 2 days of racing at Old Julian Airport for the Spring 2011 races.

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•If you have a Shutterfly user account (free, unless you set up a Pro site like mine is) you can have any images transferred to your account for only $4 each! This is a high resolution image you can use for prints, gifts or anything else you'd like.

Again thanks to all of you that were there, and for those of you that didn't make it this time, these pictures may show you what a great event it was for the third year of races at the Old Julian Airport!

John C
AMA 79102

John Comerford
VP Business Development

533 Banner Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27401

(336) 275-9821 tel
(336) 210-4983 mobile
(336) 275-1799 fax