Great Racing Sat and Sun. More carnage than usual. One Gentleman drovr from South Carolina just to race 422 on Sunday and arrived late Saturday afternoon. In practice on Sunday morning during practice coming out of turn #1 he trained it through the ground. Shook everyones hand and headed home. I felt bad for him but he has been around a long time and still had a smile on his face.

424 on Saturday was graced by the Nats 426 winner this year, Mr. Dennis O'brian, and he showed us how it was really done.

Saturday's Races.

This class was awesome Sat. As you can see the top three places seperated by only .9 sec.

It wasn't easy on these guys going from the short course on Sat to the long course on Sun. But, we will learn.

If you are in the area in March of 2013 come to the next race.