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hilleyja 08-27-2004 10:03 AM

OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
My winter project is the Hobby Hanger 81" OV-10 Bronco ARF.

The original airplane sported twin turbo prop engines and made its fame as a forward air controller (spotted targets for bombers).

Who out there has worked this airplane?

What is the optimum engine selection? I was thinking dual Saito FA-82s but also heard that this airplane is more conducive to 2-stroke glows. I have also heard this plane frames up to approximately 18-19 pounds.

Transportation becomes an issue with this airplane. How is this being solved? According to Hobby Hanger they transport their prototype with the center fuselage removed and the rest of the airplane assembled. I don't have the room to transport it like that.

Just a beginning thread to help me on my way!!!

SunShyne 08-27-2004 02:15 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
heya Jim! How are ya pal?!

Funny you mention this bird, I have been eyeing it for a long time and might consider it for a winter build project.

I wish owners would chime in as id love to hear specifics on it. I am also looking at the Bronco from KMP. Like to hear some stories on both so we can compare notes ;)


mstroh3961 08-28-2004 01:35 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
1 Attachment(s)
Gentelmen, We had our anual "Big Bird" event this last weekend. There was an OV-10 of the size you are talking about. I watched him assemble it from two tables away. It had the booms seperate from the center section of the wing. And the wing was a 3 piece setup. It took aprox 30 minuts to set up. As I recall it had 2 OS 70 two strokes with 3 blade props.....Or was it OS .90's..... here is a picture!

hilleyja 08-28-2004 06:30 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
It doesn't have the ARF graphics so must be a scratch-built for Uravich's plans and/or laser-cut parts kit from Hobby Hanger.

mstroh3961 08-28-2004 11:51 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I forgot to mention that it flew like a charm! And seemed to handel well on the ground. Good luck with your project!

hilleyja 11-08-2004 11:23 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I'd like to rejuvinate this forum. I'm still planning on this bird as a winter ARF project and the Saito 82s still appear to be a possible choice.

I would like to get some input from anyone who has assembled this bird. I'm trying to acquire a PDF instruction manual.

Pipe in with your experiences. Also, anyone who has built this model from the Hobby Hanger laser cut parts, chime in as well.



ScaleTech is pleased to introduce the second in our growing "Prestige Series"
line of ARF's, the Giant Scale OV-10A Bronco which sets a new
standard for models of this type.

Photo illustrated assembly manual.
Each Kit Serial Numbered
Hand Crafted from High Quality Materials
Deluxe hardware package including engine mounts, wheels & fuel tanks.
Pre-bent Heavy Duty wire landing gear.
Retract retrofit option.

Model shown with Sierra Precision
Retract Units (not included)

Actual Color Scheme Shown Includes Custom, Pre-wired
Servo Harnesses!
Weight...................16-19 lbs.
Engines................2x .46-.61 (2C)
STP-3 $439.95 plus shipping

Dale W 11-08-2004 04:51 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I just ordered mine today. It should be here Thursday. I also ordered two Tower Hobbies .75 2s engines. They are as light or lighter than a regular 61, and with a $20 discount coupon and their December special of $95 a piece, I couldn't refuse!
I sold my WM Extra 300 and had some ready cash. While in the 'reading room' I spotted the little sales ad in the September issue of Model Aviation on the Bronco. I gave HH a call and after talking for a few minutes I knew this would be a good model to get into multi-engines with. We'll see! It's a nice looker too!

hilleyja 11-09-2004 11:26 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)


...While in the 'reading room' I spotted the little sales ad in the September issue of Model Aviation on the Bronco...

What kind of sale did you get?

It will be interesting to see what kind of performance you get with the .75s. I have been told that this bird is actually conducive to 2-stroke engine, rather that 4-strokers. Becauwse of this I am not willing to commit to my engines yet. I want to acquire the instuction manual to help make my decision. So far I have had no response from HH on my request.

Dale W 11-09-2004 01:55 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
When I talked to the guy at Hobby Hangar, he said he has one of the 80-inchers with 90 two strokes in it and it's way overpowered. When I asked about putting the .75 two strokes from Tower Hobbies in, he said that it out to be a very good match with plenty of power. I was picking the .75 because it has the same weight as a .61 with a couple tenths more horsepower at a slightly lower RPM than the .61. The 'big catalog' price for the .75 is $129.99 ea. and the December Tower Talk catalog price is $94.99 for the same engine (different stock # though). I had the $20 discount coupon and they charged me $9.99 for 2-day Fed-X. So, basically $170 for the two engines and $10 to ship... very good deal IMO. I didn't go with a 4s as they are a bit more (I have a budget to work in) and the fuel is a bit more (I was told they love 30% heli fuel).

I like looking at assembly manuals ahead of time also. Too bad this one is not web-published. Since they have a website, I would think HH could be coaxed into at least looking into posting both Broncos. I'll be calling them after I receive the model and will bring it up.

I didn't get any 'deal' on the Bronco, and because I'm in the same state, got taxed on the total. So it will probably be real close to $500 ($440 for the ARF plus shipping plus tax). I plan on building my own cockpit (ex scale heli person) and will look at putting in retracts after I make sure everything works. These sound to be a pricey add.

Actually, I'm glad I saw the add and am getting pretty hyped about the model. I hope it meets my expectations!

hilleyja 11-16-2004 02:11 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I sent an email to Hobby Hangar on the 8th and 9th requesting a copy of the OV-10 instruction manual. I also invited them to respond to these posts on RC Universe.

I'm trying to rejuvenate a discussion forum on the 80" OV-10 ARF on RC Universe. Is it possible if you guys could provide some inputs? I think I have already generated some interest and it appears at least one of them even ordered it from you based on my forum.


This bird is my choice for this Winter's project. I did get the laser parts kit from you a couple of years ago but have not done any significant work on it -- just not the build from scratch type. I sent you an email a couple of days ago with a request for a copy of the ARF's instruction manual, either paper or PDF. I need it for study and as a basis for deciding on accessories and engines. My purchase timeframe for the model and engines is dependent on my income tax return (late January, early February). I am perfectly willing to pay for the manual but many major ARF providers make their's available in PDF form for free downloads.

Any change of getting a PDF copy of the instruction manual for the 80" OV-10 ARF. I would like some time to study it prior to ordering the model. My timeframe for ordering the model in late January, early February. (Income tax refund).

STP-3 ScaleTech OV-10 Bronco ARF (80")

I have not received a response and it appears they are also not interested in helping to promote their airplane on this forum. I think I need to rethink my winter project. If this is the level of support/response they typically give their customers I'm not interested in supporting their bottom line. The Great Plains Christen Eagle II was my last year project -- maybe I should stick with Great Plains for this year as well.

rrudytoo 11-16-2004 04:50 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)

I have an 81" Uravitch Bronco but mine is still in the box so I'm not speaking from any personal experience here. (I might add that I did not sleep in a Holiday Inn last night, either!) But, I also have the MAN article that Rich wrote describing the designing, building and flying of the prototype. That article is the criterion I used to make my engine choice. Rich used a pair of OS .46FX engines in his and he said that they provided plenty of power. Having said that, I think altitude would come into play here, as well, when making an engine choice for this or any other bird.

I fly at an elevation of less than 100 feet above sea level so I bought OS .46FX's to power mine. However, if my flying field was above 2,500 feet, I'd plan on a pair of .60's. I think putting anything larger than a pair of .60's into this plane is just over-kill and may cause the loss of the horizontal stabilizer as has happened to others.

My only gripe about this design is the availability, or lack of same, of decent retracts. What I want are Sierra Precision models but I have been waiting a year now and they still aren't available. Sure, CJM has a set but I won't buy any of their crap and the Spring Airs just look weak and totally non-scale. But, hey, that's just me.

Good luck with your decision and I would be willing to part with mine if you're interested. I can give you a price and included items in a PM if you like.


hilleyja 11-16-2004 05:23 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I also went through that article and frankly I don't know how a pair of OS 46FXs can adequately power this airplane when I'm told she fishscales out to 19 lbs. I've had experience flying an under-powered airplane this year and don't wish it on my worst enemies.

My engine decision hinges on whether to use the new Saito FA-82s or a pair of 2-stroke 60s. I've even heard they are using 91 2-strokes and a previous poster is installing Tower 75s.

All of this is mute if I decide not to go with this project. I don't want to get deap into it, have problems, and not be able to depend on the vendor for support. I'm familiar with Hobby Hangar, they are a small hobby shop in Melbourne/Palm Bay Florida. I can't believe a $450.00+ order is considered too insignificant to take notice of. I also know they are not the only Giant OV-10 vendor out there. There is another I may look at.

BTW, I consider sending an email to someone just like leaving a voice message on their telephone. I expect a response. If my business is not important enough for them to at least vie for then I normally put them on my do-not-deal with list and advocate the same to all my RC acquaintenances, some of whom live in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area. (I lived in Palm Bay for 20 years and only recently moved here. I have personally walked into their store and spent in excess of $500.00 in one setting.)

fancman 11-16-2004 07:43 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I have the OV 10 and the only building info is the article by Rich Uravitch. It is not a beginner kit. There is a forum here dedicated to this airplane and it's building already. There are many inovative ideas there. Take a look.

Dale W 11-16-2004 10:02 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I received the ARF version last Friday (forgot mail wasn't running Thursday). I'll post a pic of the package and contents when my server comes back up. The model is pretty big, and I think the 75s will be a good choice, 46s seem to be awfully small for this beast. I called HH with a couple concerns on assembly and the instructions (I don't know that it qualifies as a 'manual'). They seemed very receptive to the feedback. Being a heli person, I get worried about any resistance in the control rods, which seems big time on the twin elevator rods that snake through the nacels and up the vertical fins. The recommendation is to use some graphite lub. I'm using HS 5645MGs, so making the controls move may not be an issue, but how much battery is used to do it might be. I'm using an 1800mah 4-cell NiCd pack.
It's interesting how this bird breaks apart for transport. The assembly instructions say to mount the receiver to the wing, where it falls within the main pod. Each nacel has a front locating/hold down dowel and two wing bolts. Likewise with the main pod. Each nacel also has 3 servos (throttle, elevator and rudder) and the main pod has a nose steering servo. Add the two aileron and two flap servos in the wing and you have 11 servos - add another if you want air retracts. Speaking of which, there is nothing in the intructions that give a clue as to how to install these if you wanted them. The rails are there in each location, and I assume the outer skin would be cut to put them in, but there is no help in this area. The elevator has 4 screws per fin and the two clevis's to undo as the final piece of the break down (5 pieces, 7 servo plugs, 8 screws and the two clevis's).
The canopy is heavy clear plastic and they did a poor job of staying in the lines with paint. It is pretty brittle and you have to be careful not to seriously crack it. I've done a lot of canopies and still managed to get some 1/16-1/8" cracks in a couple places. As far as the covering, the wing is pretty good, but the nacels and big horizontal stab is nothing to write home about - plain grey or white and with edge cuts wandering a bit. The glass cowls and especially the main pod rear cone are a little lumpy looking in off-angle lighting. The solid grey (on top) doesn't help.
Anyway, I should have this together by the beginning of next week, assuming work doesn't keep me from my toys.
I'll provide updates as I come up with them.

michpittsman 11-16-2004 11:31 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
1 Attachment(s)
I built my Bronco last winter from the M.A.N. (Uravitch) plans and the Precision Kit Cutters wood kit from Larry Katona in New Jersey. The kit was beautifully cut with excellent wood throughout, to match the plans, which were to say the least, disappointing. Parts were drawn the wrong size, holes the wrong diameter in the wrong place, details omitted in several places, etc. Mine was 90% done after a year when I became discouraged enough to sell it. It has since flown with 2- .91 4c (at half throttle). Even with a 2800 maH pack in the nose, another pound was needed to balance it at 19 # all up weight with Spring-Aire retracts. Below are shots of mine on the assembly/transport fixture I designed for it. I left the wing one-piece. Enjoy!

ed beck 01-14-2005 10:02 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
Hi to all bronco builders and flyers.

I have just about compleated my bronco it weights 22 lbs and i have two tower 75s on it, my question is to anyone flying the bronco is the control surfaces adequate, the elavater and aileron looks small for such a larg plane. look foward to some good advice.

Ed Beck

Dale W 01-17-2005 10:41 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I'm about done with my OV-10 with the same engine setup as you have. It's taken a while because of 3 other models being built and packing for a home move in April. However, my take on the elevator and rudder control surfaces is that they will suffice for the type of flying this bird should be doing. I am a little concerned about how the rudder connections 'twist' because the rod is not 90 degrees to the hinge line. The ailerons and flaps look to be more than adequate for control. BTW, the recommendation is to pin the CA hinges, but it looks a little difficult. Have you pinned all the surfaces?

ed beck 01-17-2005 04:02 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
Hi Dale

All of my hinges are pinned with ca and put together with cotter pins. The push rods on my rudder are 90 degrees so i don't have a problem with them, i guess i will go with what i have on the width of my elevater. I live at on top of the world in ocala and any time you would like to bring a plane come over and fly with us, i don't know if you have been here or not but we have a 600 ft grass runway private field, we would be glad to have you and talk about our broncos, keep in touch. If you would like to contact me my e-mail is edrene53@aol.com.


Dale W 01-17-2005 05:15 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
Sounds great. Maybe I will get up there. I am also finishing up a BME Pitts Challenger that might also like some rarified air :D
What I meant by the hinge line is in the pic below. The rod comes out at a higher angle than 90 degrees to the rudder.... Unless I did something incorrectly (the instructions are sadly lacking here). I also put in a pic of the motor install... I assume your's looks the same.




ed beck 01-18-2005 08:58 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)

I see what you mean now, i used the stud type control horn and it works good no mater if it is not 90 degrees. My motor is mounted 45 degrees rather than 90 yours looks better but to late to change now, i see yours is covered you should be about ready to fly i have about two more weeks of work before i start to cover and then at least one to two weeks to cover i am a slow builder, you didn't say how much yours weights and how much weight you had to put in the nose if any to balance, i will put my plane together tomorrow to make a final adjustment to balance.


Dale W 01-18-2005 10:07 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
Ed, Don't let the fact that it's covered fool ya. This is the Hobby Hangar 81" model. The scrapes on the cowl are hanger rash (already). The paint overall (cowls & canopy) leaves much to be desired and the covering is so-so. Once I get it all together and into the air a couple times, I'll stick a bunch of the decals and maybe draw some panel lines to make the covering job less obvious. The post idea instead of the control horn sounds good. Its a little late for me to change now (these all came in the kit) but if I have any problems with the control I'll strip this out & make the change. I was thinking of doing the engine offset with the stock mufflers, but opted to go with the 90 degree and pitts style muffler. They look good, now just have to see how they perform. I have a couple 12-6 Master Airscrew 2-blade wood props for break-in and initial flights. The kit came with red 2-blade spinners so that should look cool. For an even cooler effect, I bought a couple of 3-blade 12-6 props (black Master Airscrew) along with the 3-blade spinners (not cheap!). I hope this thing holds together long enough to fly with those. I'm not looking to 3D this plane (yikes!), but I would like to do the occational loop and roll with it. We'll see..... Also, the kit recommends to epoxy the wing halves together, but leave it as an option. Because of the room that wing takes up, I put two retaining screws into the wing spar from underneath and put a pull-back line in for the harness. This way I can unbolt the wing, undo one wingspar bolt, pull the halves apart (the pull string follows the nacel part of the harness back to the wing center) and be able to fit all the pieces (6) into about a 4'x2'x2' area. Since I just bought a larger vehicle, I may be able to leave the wing intact... What do you think?

ed beck 01-18-2005 04:08 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)

Before i stated to build i decided to keep as much of the plane together as would fit in my car i have a ford aerostar an found i could get the complete plane in except for the wing tips, so i made the two wing tips with the aliron removeable it works great i have two inches to spare on each side, when i fly here at otow i will carrie it on top of my golf cart that makes it easy to handel, i think the more you can keep together the better.


halflight 01-18-2005 11:08 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
I bulit one from planes. I have two OS .61 in it and it flies great.. Came in close to 20 lbs. Nose weight required to balance. I chose a color acheme that was easy to see. see photo in my gallery @ halflight

ed beck 01-19-2005 08:40 AM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)

Glad to here it flies good, do you use the flaps if so how much? Half or full and are they used on take off and landing? Any information on flying this plane is appreciated.


halflight 01-19-2005 12:47 PM

RE: OV-10 Bronco (81" Uravich ARF)
1 Attachment(s)
Here's some info on the Bronco. I did install flaps but have not got enough nerve to try yet. It does land easliy without. I did not install retracts. Instead I put in heavy duty Fults gear(see photo) I used the 60 degree bell cranks but if I had it to do again I would put a servo in the tail. You can see I have the tail section bolted together and the way I transport to the field with the bar across the nacelles. Works great since it will not fit assembled in my suv. It means I have three pieces to transport, fuse, wing and nacelles. No problem. My two OS. 61 FX have a 13x6 APC turning at 13,500 rpm. I thought it might be a problem to get them running a same speed but it was not. My advice get two reliable engines.

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